still cannot understand how people out there go buy DOGE and its price ...

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still cannot understand how people out there go buy DOGE and its price climbed to 44 cents

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Just hit 50 cents on Binance around 1:40 AM PST.

Maybe they see it as better than the USD?

Possible scenario of SNL Sketch:
"Now...We switch live to the White House for an important message from President...."
"Ahem, my fellow American comrades, It is my great pleasure to announce our new Secretary Treasurer Egon... what's your name again son?"
"It's Elon, Elon Musk Mr President."
"Ah yes, Mr. Elon elon Musk mr. President, Our New Secretary treasurer of the United States!"
"Thank you Mr. President, And as my first act as your Treasurer, I will be retiring the USD and in it's place make Dogecoin the currency of US and the reserve currency of the World! And Second, Teslas'a Model 3 car can now be purchased with Dogecoin!"

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i read your message and i feel scared....nothing seems impossible to me anymore

TWO things has no limit: Universe and people's stupidity

The former can still be argued of having limits

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talking about stupidity @onealfa
please check this , it will amuse you

Which part you can't understand of it?

If you mean the current jump, it's probably because a big Forex website added it. People new to crypto think it must be very valuable.

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What Onealfa said :)

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