Imagine playing with a #silver set like this. That's some #posh #toys ...

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Silver is silver, but LEGO is LEGO. The two were never meant to blend.

Do you consider this an abomination?

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Well, less abominable than the chinesium Dollar Tree crap.

Well folks, you heard here from the Hive Pope himself first!

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So shiny... 🤩

I like how they charge a little less if you want to pay with crypto.

Last time I checked, I think they only accept BTC and BCH.

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120 ounces!! 😍 Lego like blocks!! 😃 What shall I build.. What shall I build?! Not too bad of a price either. I'll have to sell some crypto for this one. hehe. I see they have a smaller set available. Cool find @enforcer48 😁

Yeah, they do have a "starter set" that's like 12-piece or something.

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Yup.. Was about 420 something USD.. just about the same, 8 or 9 over spot.

I like that. Won't buy it, but like it. Stack on @enforcer48!

I like it too, but I doubt I will ever get it.

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Nice, but I prefer the "Be your own Pirate silver"

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Oh, those look fun.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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silver is a scam, just hold btc, we could have all made so much holding btc instead of steem and hive or silver scams

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