When I saw I got a 6.9% raise this year, I was like "nice!". Then, I s ...

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When I saw I got a 6.9% raise this year, I was like "nice!". Then, I stopped and wondered how bad #inflation will be down the road.

Better hedge somewhere. Maybe #crypto and/or #metals. Don't fully stay in #fiat.

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I am sure we will see inflation, just not sure how quickly it will get bad

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I guess I'll enjoy it until then.

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I see you are not shy about being pretentious, to be sure to offset any inflationary measures maybe you should get a few sock accounts over here to upvote that comment.

I Have plenty of accounts on both sides.. thanks for your concern.

Well there's one good thing about the crypto sites, you don't have to cheat by sleeping yourself to the top, usually...can't rule out anything. Given that I don't think we'll see you making it to the vice presidency anytime soon. lol.

No matter how much rise u got, inflation will hit us all anyway so why not enjoy what we got now 😁😁
At least we will have something to tackle with it, is not it ?

How fast the inflation gets here does kind of matter. But yes, enjoy it now is probably kinder to myself.

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They did a segment on the news tonight about it. They said for the most part it's being driven by a demand for products but not enough workers to produce the products. They said some of the rising cost of products will be in the building industry, grain based products...naming pet food as one example, so if you have a pet you may want to grab those bargains while you can get them. Because of the shut down in Texas due to the freeze materials and items made of petroleum also may raise. So just about everything...lol. I know if you are going to have any type of construction done to your house it's at least a six week to two month wait list to get it done. Americans better be careful, while they are sitting around waiting out the pandemic hundreds of thousands of illegals are flooding over the border just eager to take their jobs, usually at half the pay, no benefits and deep rewards into the pockets of social security because they will never collect on it....so yes the government, federal, state and cities who coffers go up with illegal workers willing to work for no return will gladly let them take their jobs.

It is what it is.

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TF XD, I only got 4.5% increase. I thought it was 4.20%,

4.5% yearly salary increase is the worse, heres a twist - I work from an Insurance Company.

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It could be worse.

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