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RE: 16 was a coming of age year in more ways than one it was the year I got my learn ...

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Did you try to upload an image using ?

I want to find out what happened since it is not displaying correctly 😎✌️


Hi chrisrice,
I used the interface to create the post and upload the image.
The interesting part is that if you view the image from within the image shows however if you view it under it shows only a placeholder.
Another thing I want to share with you is the experience with tags
By mistake I inserted a very long tag which you see as the first tag of the post.
There was no way I could remove the tag be it as the cross mark which appears at the top tight corner of a tag was not there . Perhaps it gets hidden if the tag becomes very long.
Next time perhaps I should try posting via and see how things go.
I was wondering with whom I could share this issue to improve the UX and am glad you asked :)