We need to have more front ends like Dbuzz where the payout isn’t on the post un ...

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We need to have more front ends like Dbuzz where the payout isn’t on the post until you click the post.

It highlights the social part of content without being distracted by a payout amount, which I think will lead to more engagement on dbuzz post...

But we’ll see!


I think the next iteration of dbuzz will definitely smack twitter in the face a bit.

I hope so. It’s actually really good now. But yeah, something great is being built on dbuzz for sure

The current setup w/payouts not showing is not so much a feature, but more of a delay.

I agree that there are advantages of not showing the payouts but the disadvantage is that people might accidentally waste upvotes on Buzz's that have already reached the #MaxPayout of $1.00.

Alright I see. It seems so much simpler without it showing the post payout at the bottom of the post for once.

But that makes sense

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean @bigtakosensei, there is definitely a trade off between the two.

Maybe in the future, when things are rolling and we have the new version out + new features, we can make the default without the $ amounts, then have a way to view it elsewhere.

Cool insight! I personally enjoy using @dbuzz 😉👍🏼 I sure hope more Hive owners will start using it too 😊😊

Me too, it’s pretty cool. It will gain traction on here for sure

I surely agree. Engagement is still king on Hive, real engagement!

So true.. Also.. we know that cryptocurrency is going to skyrocket.. and showing prices so transparently attracts new users and boosts the value of the coin.

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