I had been passing on a lot of ETH, EOS, & Tron for a while. I didn’t think the ...

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I had been passing on a lot of ETH, EOS, & Tron for a while. I didn’t think they had as much to offer, but they’re actually pretty cool platforms. Some are more expensive than others but they’re all ready to use tools.

What do you think about smart contract platforms?


I'm mostly just on Hive. Doesn't ETH have high gas fees? 🤔🤔

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Absolutely, I use hive more than anything else. But yeh the gas fees on eth are crazy. The only thing I’ve done on there was claim an air drop for that reason.

The other chains have some cool games and a lot of similar projects that eth has without being as expensive.

ETH remains no 1. But for how long?

It’s number 1 but it’s also the platform I used the least. I think tron and eos get a lot flack because of their price action but they’re actually the most ready to used platforms, and they actually have some fun and cool stuff to use.


  1. I don't like #TRON since it's Founder, #JustinSun stole $6 million USD of #Steem from stakeholders.

  2. I tried to use #EOS twice but couldn't figure out how to use it.

  3. Out of the three of them, I think #ETH has the most potential, and I bought $GAME 😊👍

I love hive. I think it’s a BIG improvement over steem but I wish steem takeover thing never happened. It put a stain on tron because of suns personal actions.

It’s bad energy on project that actually has some fun games and tools on it

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