I thought it was dead.

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This plant turned into a little black stump about 6 months ago toward the end of summer.


You can see what's left of it in the middle. I really thought it was dead!


But now as you see, it has sprung back to life. This is a unique plant it springs up and then forks, creating branches with little tentacles and a honey like substance that attracts bugs. And it catches a lot of them.

So glad to have you back!

More pictures - binata multifida



It is impressive how nature makes its process.
I have a kumquat plant that is wilted and almost dead, I had to move it, I think it was getting too much sun, I hope it will sprout again.

It is so hard to guess what will be good for / bad for each plant. Any change you make takes days or even weeks to impact our plants.

It's like this, I will be patient to see if my plant revives, thx

Its name is Drosera indica, it is a carnivorous plant from the tropics.

I was still alive I was just waiting for the right moment 😊

Nature is incredible that surprises us every day