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My anger about the new Corona law is increasing by the day. By the end of this month we shall be under full control of our national government. When we don't keep at least 1,5 meter distance outdoors, this law will allow the police to give fines up to 9.000 Euro and a maximum jail time of 3 months. They claim: "Its all gonna be temporary". But is it? The law doesn't have an end date! Very Very Very depressing!


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While I started my curation round for the day, I thought: "Why not try multitasking (well, multi threading to be more exact) and watch (well, more follow) the movie "The Boondock Saints" while going through all the new music posts on our HIVE chain. A movie about two brothers taking rights into their own hands. Wasn't watching since I needed my two eyes for the #music channel, posts and the keyboard. But my growing ears (yea, when we grow older, our ears grow bigger, I suppose for better hearing and a larger appreciation for music LOL) picked up the beautiful sounds of one of the classics, Puccini: "La Boheme: Mi Chiamano Mimi". An absolute attention killer!!! Unconsciously I was right in the middle of the music; Couldn't continue my curation activities anymore; Goosebumps arrived!

With Goosebumps, also miss Positivity arrived! Thats what music can do to us; When we open our hearts and let beauty enter, magic happens!

Side Note: I decided to stop the movie for later watching. When a director decides to include such music in his movie, it calls for full attention! IMDB tells me it must be a pretty decent movie as well: Almost an 8 which is extremely high! If I had known this before, I wouldn't have started this as the background filler. Then again, Puccini wouldn't have entered my brains, and I may not have gotten this positive feeling in my veins.

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The other day I was chatting with a friend. He is one of those who is out of a job due to the Corona thingy. An electronic music producer; A DJ; Around for a few decades already (must be 3 at least); One of my most favourite ones in the world! Not because he is a friend. Maybe he is a friend because I love his work so much! LOL

The whole music sector is shut down, and may stay shut down for the foreseeable future. Time for reflection and productions. The other day he was telling me the amount of ideas he is getting; How these ideas are evolving. So many of them! So great to see this lockdown time is working out so positive for him. Already for many many many many years, he wanted to expand towards producing for eg movies, or pop artists, but he never had (or took) the time to dive into all these unknown areas. Now everything seems to be changed for him!

I was send a few tracks he is working on; Created with adventure games in mind. WOW! I was listening to some setups that was already sounding beautiful! Classical inspired; Could be music for animation movies; Or even big screen ones; But would also somehow fit in an off-the-beat electronic music set!

I love to share the pieces with you, but am not allowed; For good reasons though :) I never talked about 3Speak with him, maybe I shall do so. Then again, I know he wants 100% control over his music, working with labels and all, while with 3Speak one can't delete or hide whatever one uploads at any given moment in time. To bad, since his music would be a GREAT addition to what we are building here around the HIVE chain.

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Though I should've known, I was surprised when he told me about a great sample package he discovered. A package containing samples of all sort of classical string instruments. Never realised such packages to be available! Always thought: Classical music is composed on paper and using the real deal instruments. How ignorant I can be at times LOL!

Those who read this post and are producers, you may like to check the demo's and samples (here); I think they sound really beautiful. As you'll notice, these guys behind this package, create sounds for film composers, as they write on the prime landing page of their studio website.

Owwww Owwww I must say, while writing I'm feeling more and more positive! I shall try and keep that mood! I shall stay away from anything depressing, like my Facebook feed, my Twitter feed, the TV news, the Internet news, and to some extend also from HIVE, no trending pages for me today! Though the music corner I'll attend to since I do need to finish my curation round and need to take care for my baby, the Q community. That said, the music corner is rarely depressing :)


and the movie "The Boondock Saints"
I think you shall try this one as well!


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