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On this platform full of opportunities where all users have equal opportunities at the time of writing.
What you most want is to be seen and, if not, read and commented on. Nowadays, in the boom of communities, more and more people are working according to your interests, sharing quality content..
Our Community PROJECT.HOPE represents COMMUNITY of steem blockchain users, who share similar values, goals and mostly passion towards topics related to:

  • technology,
  • steem and steemit,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • machine learning,
  • cybersecurity,
  • gaming (on blockchain)

as well as:

  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing,
  • Philosophy,
  • psychology, social media etc.

My contribution is that my followers can meet those writers who have excellent publications in our community, I have selected three publications that are worth reading.


@franyeligonzalez gives us a wonderful publication.

What habits can we implement in our life to be successful?

We all want to have a successful life but I think that not all people know how to do it and how to implement habits that will lead us to that goal.


I share with all of you this great post from my friend @josevas217

We all want to earn money, enough to or have to worry about our basic expenses, each one in his own way, but the most common way is to change our time for money in a traditional job, I don't want to say that this is wrong, it seems to have worked for a long time, that's why we were trained, to work and live based on a schedule and a weekly, biweekly or monthly payment, but, things have changed, somehow.


@emiliomoron gives us a wonderful publication.

One of the drawbacks of the widespread installation of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, is the lack of solutions for stationary energy storage. Unlike rechargeable batteries for mobile equipment, such as laptops and telephones, the operating parameters for large-scale batteries are different.

One of the things that motivates us the most as a team is supporting everyone we can within the community. I hope you visit the blog of these writers.


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