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On this platform full of opportunities where all users have equal opportunities at the time of writing.
What you most want is to be seen and, if not, read and commented on. Nowadays, in the boom of communities, more and more people are working according to your interests, sharing quality content..
Our Community PROJECT.HOPE represents COMMUNITY of steem blockchain users, who share similar values, goals and mostly passion towards topics related to:

  • technology,
  • steem and steemit,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • machine learning,
  • cybersecurity,
  • gaming (on blockchain)

as well as:

  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing,
  • Philosophy,
  • psychology, social media etc.

My contribution is that my followers can meet those writers who have excellent publications in our community, I have selected three publications that are worth reading.


@juanmolina gives us a wonderful publication.

This financial instrument service is available not only for Venezuela but for other Latin American countries with the exception of Cuba and represents an opportunity of great value for Venezuelans since the amount recharged to these cards is immediately converted to dollars, passing to the available balance represented in American currency.


I share with all of you this great post from my friend @franyeligonzalez

Being organized people and having a plan for our possible future is paramount to me, I think that is something that keeps us active and in constant movement. A life without goals, without dreams, is a completely empty life, a life without a fixed direction.


@fucho80 gives us a wonderful publication.

The world changes, markets evolve, brands age and with them their fans; There are brands in the market that seem to manage to be in force generation after generation, such is the case of the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles, however, despite being such a well-known brand, motorcycle sales seem to have fallen, this forces the recognized brand to reinvent itself.

One of the things that motivates us the most as a team is supporting everyone we can within the community. I hope you visit the blog of these writers.


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