Beautiful Sunday + Sublime Sunday: Self quarantine 2.0, Day 2

in Sunday 星期天 • 2 months ago

Cooked lunch for the family today. Spaghetti 🍝 for lunch.




My brother in law had gone to the free swab test by the Selangor Government. His results finally came back in the evening. Negative. 🙏

Tomorrow will be my turn and my mother in law's turn to go do the swab test. 🤞 Hopefully everything will be fine.

Happy Sunday!

If you are not familiar with these two themes, BeautifulSunday is initiated by @ace108 and you can check out other BeautifulSunday post HERE. Whereas SublimeSunday is initiated by @c0ff33a. Find more Sublime Sunday posts HERE.

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I had spaghetti for dinner today. I paid more than you did.

您是居家隔离,我是酒店隔离,但是我没有swap test


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