WIT, A New Token For Writers.

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WIT 1.png


There are 97,000 up for sale on the market at the moment. We are holding back 90% of tokens at this time in order to have a reserve in place for future projects and use cases. A pie in the sky hope of @oblivioncubed and myself is to get the token into dCity. It would be interesting to have a writer card to add some variety to the "creative" classes of dCity, as well as a Publishing house that can generate WIT for the user daily.

Obviously something like that will be a year down the road as we prove a use case for the token. Expect a tipping bot similar to the ENGAGE token without the crazy stipulations of having a large amount of money invested.

We see the moderately low payouts on extremely good authors and want to supplement it in some way. This was the best way we could think to do so. You can sell back the tokens to us, and in the beginning that will be the reward of these tokens. It's not much, but it is how we must start out.

Yes, We had the WORLDBUILDER token on Steem, but no, we did not pay to swap that over to HIVE engine. So we will beginning anew. Which is good because we can control the supply better than we had in the past.



Sometimes waiting can be a help, we can control the supply better than we had in the past. One thing I would suggest is to keep the token notification kind of small like ENGAGE does when it is given. When the token responses are on a post do you prefer to see the somewhat big BEER response or the smaller ENGAGE response when one is shared? The beer token has gotten a lot better at size control and is only about 3 lines big now. Some of the vanity tokens and the curation people and need to take lessons from both of them. Pineapple comment is a little excessive in size in my opinion.

I can definitely agree with that! We don't want to be obnoxious about the tips I don't think.

That is an excellent tip! Thank you. I have been playing around with distribubot a bit and hopefully I can get it up and running in the coming days.

I used to be on steem-engine daily looking at tokens and things. I must say the move -- in that regard -- took the wind out of my sails a bit for these extra tokens. Now I find myself looking at hive-engine maybe once every 6 or so weeks, stake a few things, and leave.

Guess now's a good time to do my 6-weekly-login, stake, and maybe buy a bit of WIT. 😉

Thank you so much for the support!! It means a lot to us!