TTRPG Battle Map: Headquarters of the Runic Knights (2nd Floor & Caves)

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Headquarters of the Runic Knights - 2nd Floor & Caves


Today we expand the Headquarters of the Runic Knights. A squat tower sits before a hill, on which a large rectangular building sits. The main entrance to the compound appears to be from the tower, as there are no doors on the rectangular building it adjoins to. The building and tower both are made of sturdy stone, without much by way of external decorations. The entire complex looks sturdy and built for function.

The rectangular building that adjoins the small tower is, effectively, the second floor of our Knight's headquarters. A wide staircase leads from the tower up to the main floor of this building.

Room Descriptions - The House:


  1. Storage Room:
    • This room is the main storage room for the various goods and items that the Knights keep on hand. Some of the goods stored here are for the kitchens as well as shovels and yard implements. It also includes a wide variety of items that are useful while adventuring such as pitons, caltrops, ballbearings, coils of rope, extra packs and backpacks, whetstones, and flint - as a small example of the many various items stored in this room.
  2. The Treasury:
    • The Treasury is exactly what it sounds like. While out adventuring it is not uncommon for Knights to return to the Headquarters with extra coin, precious gems/ores, or rare/valuable/powerful items. Whatever the Knight doesn't want, ends up being given to the group and used or sold, and this room houses those items. As such, this is one of the few rooms that is locked and requires permission from the Knight-Overseer or the Knight-Quartermaster to enter. Generally, returning Knights will simply leave whatever goods should be stored within the care of the Knight-Quartermaster who will add them to the inventory index, and store them accordingly.
  3. Guest Room:
    • Rooms 3 and 4 are both guest rooms. While the Knighthood rarely deals with politics, occasionally they will be visited by important dignitaries or minor nobles. In such cases, these rooms are provided so that their guests are able to have a comfortable stay in moderately well-furnished quarters.
  4. Guest Room:
    • A slightly different layout to Room 3, with a slightly finer bed and decor. If a minor noble is to visit, they are provided this room if it's not already occupied.
  5. Sitting Room:
    • This room is both a secondary sitting-room for the Knights, as well as a space for any visitors to relax while they're not in their rooms. It has a couple of bookshelves, a desk with ink and paper provided, and a glass cabinet containing a variety of alcohol and glasses. A large couch and a pair of plush chairs provide ample space for any visitors to relax.
  6. Meeting Room:
    • This room is where any important meetings are held. Its main feature is a beautifully crafted round oak table, which dominates the center of the room. In addition to this, two large cabinets house a variety of maps as well as books with records of any meetings that take place - which is all recorded by a Knight-Scribe, who unobtrusively watches from the corner in a comfortable armchair. The head of a young red dragon hangs on the wall in this room - a trophy from the most difficult fight the Knight-Overseer ever had.
  7. Latrine.
  8. Latrine.

Cave Description:


9: The Tunnels

  • Carved out of the rock and earth below the complex is a series of tunnels. The tunnels themselves connect to rooms 1, 2, 5, and 6, through a series of trap-doors / openable grates, and ladders. This affords Knights a means of entering or exiting rooms that have been locked, should they ever need to. Originally, these were designed as a bunker or rally point for if the complex was ever attacked. These are largely un-used at present, though there are plans in the works to expand the tunnels.

That's it for today's map! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to download and use these maps in your own pen-and-paper games!

These maps were created using Dungeon Scrawl - which is a brilliant online mapping tool that has more power and flexibility than anything I've found prior to it. Please check it out!

Today's battle map and expansion to the Runic Knights Headquarters was inspired by @lacking's "NG" Rune - the Hero Rune - on the @NFTShowroom.

Per his announcement post::

So my cousin, @oblivioncubed sent me the rune NG. The hero rune. Who our hero is? That is unclear. And at the end of the day they will probably be more like a Batman hero than a traditional Knight in shining armor, the hero we deserve. Whatever that may be.

Get your own Hero Rune while you can!

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