TTRPG Battle Map: Headquarters of the Runic Knights (1st Floor)

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Headquarters of the Runic Knights

Good evening Hive! I hope everyone is doing well today. I thought I'd take a bit of time this Saturday to create a modest #table-top battle map based off of one of the runes I'd sent to @lacking when he asked me for my three favorites.

This battle map is inspired by the rune for 'J': ᛄ - which also prompted me to name this the Headquarters of the Runic Knights.

I imagine this group as being a fairly small number of knights that are bound by their oaths to protect and defend the land they reside in. They use rune-based enchanted items and rune-magic to bolster their natural talents. They are a powerful force for good and are well known and celebrated in the region they operate out of.

Of course, if you choose to save the map and use it, you're free to decide whatever you'd like!

Room Descriptions:

  1. Kitchen & Dining Room:
    • The kitchen and dining room is one of the main gathering places for our group of Knights. The chef and his two kitchen-aides keep anyone who's at headquarters fed with rich food and drink. The smells of hearty stews and fresh bread permeate the HQ most evenings, and our Knights spend their dinners chatting about what each member has been up to - sharing stories and information.

  2. Knight's Dormitory:
    • Each active Knight has a bed and a large chest for them to store personal items. The dormitory also features a small but comfortable fireplace, space to store actively used armor and weapons, a writing desk, and a small communal bookshelf. It is a minimalistic and functional area, that the members of the Knighthood sleep in, but rarely spend much active time in.

  3. Library/Study:
    • The Runic Knights are a group that constantly strives to improve their skills, and as such the Library is an important part of that growth. It is a place of study, and members are encouraged to devote some of their individual downtime to expanding their knowledge. As such, the library contains books on Runic Magic and Enchanting, politics, history, math, bestiaries, and a wide variety of other topics. It's not a large library, but the Knights try to ensure that they have at least something on as many important topics as they can.

  4. The Sitting Room:
    • The sitting room is where Knights go to relax. It's full of trophies and pelts from rare and dangerous creatures. Games and conversation are regular features of this room, and - like the kitchen/dining room - often has Knights telling stories of their achievements and trials.

This is the first of several posts I will do, and the next one will expand on other sections of the Runic Knights headquarters. This is the first floor / first section of their headquarters. I'll finish the series with a post containing all battlemaps created for download in a single batch should anyone want it.

The map was created using Dungeon Scrawl. It's fantastic, and I highly recommend using it.

Inspiration from @lacking's Rune series on the NFT Showroom.

Per his showcase post:

Alternative Title; Grave, Year, Hero. The Perfect Runes To Describe 2020

Three runes are often read as Past, Present, and Future. Sometimes as Present, Problem, and Solution. How fitting a hand it be then that my cousin drew for me three runes as such. First he sent me the rune for Grave. EA. It is the bottom rune in the picture above. Corona deaths are approaching 1 million people. There was another Ebola outbreak and the explosion in Lebanon. 2020 has been one hell of a year.

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