My Faded Memories

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Hey, folks!

How are you today? I hope you feel good and that's why you're here. If you aren't an Alphabet Hunter yet you have plenty of time to join next round of AlphabetHunt created and hosted by Barbara @barbara-orenya.

Rules are quite simple, and the chances of all participants to win are equals because winners are selected randomly. All you have to do is to ... okay, to carefully read the rules :D :D

So, let's see what I got for this week starting from F.



This is me, my husband, and my friends celebrating the last event of the Christmas holidays. It is a day when Jesus Christ was baptized in the Jordan River. Christians of Eastern Rite celebrate it on January 19th.

That was a great time. We traveled a lot and our trips made us good friends. A few years ago we had a memorable journey, just a few close friends, to celebrate this festive day in a small village in the Carpathian mountains that is known for its unique traditions. We are wearing our traditional Ukrainian embroidered cloth.


This amazing person also became my friend after a trip. It was very adventurous and not always in a good meaning. But sometimes challenges make people closer. We are friends for 15 years!


Fool around


I’ve had a period in my life, our weekends and parties were always very fun. Sometimes too fun :))) It wasn't long, about 2 years I think, just before I met my husband. Our children grew up a little and we could feel more freedom.


And these are my ex workmates. There were 4 of us, the craziest girls in the company. We worked a lot but also had a lot of fun. Our parties were all fooling around, pranks, jokes, and laughter. Then, I moved, the girl on the right got married, and it all slowly faded away... Should I say I miss them?




Haha, not the one you expected to see! My Fox is a cunning fictional character who appears in Carlo Collodi's book "The Adventures of Pinocchio". Not even that. This is a girl who plays a Fox from The Adventures of Pinocchio.


My old friend lives far from the city in an eco settlement. Once a year, on the spring equinox they celebrate a day of their settlement. Once I was lucky to come over. It reminded me of my study time when we organized parties. All were done with their own hands: menu and meal, a place to eat and rest area, scene, decorations and costumes, and amusing contests. The common people but very kind, opened and benevolent.




At these shots, it is the same day I wrote about in the first entry. A day Baptism of Christ in a mountain village. When I got up and checked the weather in my phone I couldn't believe it. It was -21 C degrees. Freezing cold, a real winter!


And... we have a tradition for that day in Ukraine: to swim in the ice-hole. The river was covered with thick ice, and they cut out holes for swimming or bathing. You can open the photo in a new window and look at my friend's face :)


Fire.... flame



Another shot brought from my travel around Ukraine. This piece of log is the best way to make a fire in the wild. The director of the National Reserve told us of this method. It is very fast and fuel-effective, but the main thing is it is safe for the forest.

We prepared dinner for a big party on this one piece of log.




Khotyn fortress is a landmark located on cliffs above the Dniester River. A venue of annual knight tournament, reconstructions and folk festivals.

It was first mentioned in 1001, and very well preserved.


That's all folks!

Thank you for taking time to read it through. If you enjoyed it and wonder about other my entries to the challenge, they are in color and all here:

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an intresting blog, great efforts were made as I see it.
I extremely in love with the Flame captures you've made
also, I liked more than others the Foxie woman part (probably, more for this artistic person). jokes on Buratino, Basilio and Alice are really timeless!

Не прячьте ваши денежки...по банкам и углам 😉🙃

"...и делай с ним, что хошь!"

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What a wonderful post, dear @zirochka,
I loved all, the photos and the stories to each photo. The monochrome photos suit very good with your overall theme of memories.

Your selection of F words is great too and I think I like your F post most from all I have seen so far 😁

Very well done, have a wonderful weekend ahead - may the sun shine for you while you don't cook 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Good morning, Johann ;) A sound of downpour woke me up today, and I think my plans narrowed 😊 Although... the good thing I don't have to go to the office today.

I am surprise with your impression about my F-post as I was't much enthusiastic when I started it 😆😆 Sometimes I ask myself how the challenge will look somewhere near W...

Okx have to go and prepare breakfast. Have a nice sunny weekend,.my dear friend 🧡🌞🪂

Good morning @zirochka,
we have changeable and a bit cold weather today and it will stay the same over the weekend, but I do hope I can avoid the rain when in 10 minutes I go for a ride 🌦

Yeah, I liked all of your post, because it showed so much emotion and lovely memories. The monochrome photos added a nice touch to the overall theme.

I hope your weather will get better and you'll have a nice weekend 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you and have a great ride! 🚲 🏍 🚗 🚛

Thank you, I took the second option, the motorbike 😆
It was pretty cold, but now I'm sitting in the forest and listen to the little waterfall in front of me 😁

Cheers and !BEER

I have no motorbike so I choose a car. And you need to know that I had no doubts that you'll take your black... evil.😁

Enjoy your ride!!..

I did enjoy my ride, thank you @zirochka :)
Do you know what's good on a Harley when it is cold? The motor gets very hot and you can warm your hands while you are driving ;) lol

Have a good evening and a hopefully rain free Sunday tomorrow 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Another cool feature of Harley 😉😎

Good morning, dear @johannpiber! Your words got to God's ear - rain stopped! 😆

I.wish you a good day 😉

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You choose well monochrome for all the photos and they all are wonderful.

Thank you!

Lovely selections. Friends and family are always a good choice. I like how the fox was a foxy lady and not what was expected. There is also a swim in the ice water here. It’s called a polar bear swim.

Thank you! You are the second person (so far) who live the fox, I am so glad to hear that because I loved the idea to use the literary figure, not an ordinal animal :)

Love all these marvelous sepia shots @zirochka ! 😊 This is a beautiful selection ❤️

Thank you, dear Barbara <3

These are Fabulous Fotos! What a Fantastic selection of F words. Very creative and these old photos and the stories are priceless!

I love the black and white look. It gives it a different feel. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for dropping by :)