Feeling Good Alphabet Hunt - Letter P

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Good day guys!

Here's my entry for Alphabet Hunt hosted by @barbara-orenya. Just click HERE to know more about the hunt
I'm ready to scratch
I always love their company. It's really amusing to watch them do stuff together. Petting them will always relieves me of my stress. I hope that they will live for a long time.

This is our pond that my grandma had made a few years back. Most of the fishes there are gold fish. The fishes used to be Koi's but they all died due to an incident when the air pump stopped working because we had no electricity.
I'm not sure what's the exact name of this but my grandma loves gardening, this is one of her plants that she is taking care off.

This was located at the garden of my grandma, Roses really looks so beautiful!

This is a noodle dish with infused with creamy shrimp sauce and complemented with different toppings.

This is the eye of our Philippine president Manuel A. Roxas in our 100 peso Bill. I wish I would find more of these in my life

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .



Animation by @zord189


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Great alphabet Hunt! I have been hungry for shrimp and that PANCIT Palabok sounds really good! Good luck getting a lot of 100 Peso bills!

Thank you so much @melinda010100. I hope that you'll be able to taste pancit palabok one time. May you also get a lot more Bills/ Hive. Thanks for the tip and stay safe always!

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Great and successful hunt, @sgbonus 😁

I love the first shot of the cat: she looks so cute and the paws look so very huge ... cool 😎

Cheers and !BEER

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Very nice jump into the hunt @sgbonus ! Your pets are too cute together, I love the picture the dog and the cat are naping under the same cover 😍
and your grandma house was a lot of lovely inspiration for this selection 😊

Andito ka rin pala @sgbonus. Ha ha. Fancy meeting you here. Your palabok just made me hungry! Pet pics are adorable. The plant floating on the pond is a popular one here in our place but I don't know the name. But the orchids take the cake. Beautiful. Great post. Glad to have read it.

Triny ko lang po hehe, wala po kasi akong maisip na pwedeng isulat Haha,

I hope that you were able to satisfy your hunger after looking at the palabok. Thank you for the compliment, I was just lucky that they were both tired so we took advantage. I searched po I think they are called water lettuce, they just propagate by themselves in our pond. I agree with what you said about the orchids. Thanks again and stay safe always!