V for Victory

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Another week has passed and we are now on the Alphabet Hunt for words starting with the letter V.

I’m sure everyone will be victorious in finding six V words.


My first two V words come straight from the kitchen pantry.


I always have vinegar on hand. It can be used for a lot of things besides pickling and adding to cooking recipes.

Vinegar can be used for cleaning. It can be mixed with baking soda to keep the sink drains clear.



Vanilla extract adds a lovely flavour when baking sweets.



Vincent Van Gogh was a famous Dutch painter.

Some of his most recognized art is the painting of Starry Night and the picture below of the Sunflowers.


Vincent Willem van Gogh (Dutch: 30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art.



When folks vacation on the Island they like to take fun photos.

I took this photo of the two visiting ladies at the Wood Islands lighthouse. They were on vacation and touring the Island.


Honeymooners enjoying a quiet walk on the beach.

A honeymoon is a type of vacation where you get to spend valueable alone time with your newly acquired spouse.


  • VERY

Very is sometimes used as an adjective to emphasize the meaning of the word that follows.

For example, I could say this is a very beautiful sunset.

There is really nothing wrong with adding the word very but I was taught it is redundant in this context-just saying beautiful is enough.

I often think of this little rule and try not to add very. Another example where it is not needed would be, “Have a very nice day.”



What has value to you? Perhaps it is your home, vehicle and bank account.

A Canadian fifty dollar bill


This fifty dollar bill has monetary value but family and friendships carry another kind of value not able to be measured in dollars and cents.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

#alphabethunt is hosted by the wonderful artist @barbara-orenya.

And thus ends another Aphabet Hunt. Thanks for visiting my blog!


All photos & text by @redheadpei unless sourced. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without my permission.


Courtesy of @derangedvisions



Those will do. 😀

Thanks... I think.😄

Well done no messing around with you and i think we can all do with a vacation at this stage..hehe 😁

Thanks @bigsambucca. 😊 Yes, I think everyone is anxious to go somewhere exotic and forget about this pandemic.

A bit more patients and sure we can all do that soon 😁

Simply and beautiful and i love the Very beautiful sunset 👍

Haha. I’m happy you liked the very beautiful sunset @kohsamui99😀

Thanks for your lovely commet.

Have a wonderful week!😊

My pleasure @redheadpei and you have a lovely week also 😊

brother's follback 🙏

I don’t know what you meant but thanks for stopping by @raja-aceh.😊

Oh I like Vacation, my absolute favourite word in your post @redheadpei! We're actually going on a 4 night mini-vacation next week, so I'm going to have to get busy and complete my posting this weekend.
Very successful and Victorious V hunt I would say;)

Thanks @lizelle! I hope you have a thoroughly delightful vacation.

I look forward to seeing your V post this weekend. 😊

Nice to meet Mr. Vincent Willem van Gogh, and that is a very beautiful sunset of course.

I value time, family and friends as you mentioned :))

The ending of this hunt is really awesome!

Thanks @razeiv. Happy you liked the sunset and mention of V an Gogh.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wish you the same :))

I could do with a vacation and a long romantic walk on the beach with a swell fella. I am big fan of vinegar too ... it goes great with salt:)

That definitely sounds romantic @prydefoltz. 😊. Make sure the swell fella is full of sweetness and not vinegar. 😀

Will do:)


Very neat set of answers to this challenge! Vanilla sounds great and should go along very well with a very nice beach walk! I thought this letter was going to be very difficult. But you made it seems so easy. LoL

I appreciate your kind support @kaminchan. 😊

Vanilla does have alcohol content but a bottle of wine might be better to drink on the beach walk. 😀

Original word choice dear @readheadpei i
Good catch, I like Van Gogh and Vase with sunflowers, and a Vacation that I would like to have, but a little longer.🤭
Have a nice evening 🌌

Thanks @suzana72. 😊 I’ve always liked the sunflowers in the vase bu Van Gogh. I hope you will be able to have that well earned vacation soon when this pandemic flies off the face of the earth.

Have a great week ahead!

You're welcome @redheadpei 😊
Sunflowers are so sunny and immediately brighten the day.
I houp....
Thank's a lot and have a great week too ☀️😊

I will still say "have a very nice day" ☺️
In German we have the word "sehr" which means the same. "Sehr schön" means very beautiful, what is better than just beautiful. So this sunset photo is very beautiful to me 😁

These are great V words, Jo, vacation is something I was missing this year, just as many others too, and the value of family and friends is much more important than any money and you are very right, you can't measure it's value in money ☺️

Cheers and !BEER

Good morning Hannes,😊

There are a few words I add not necessary but I ‘m happy you thought the sunset sehr schon.😉

Yes, with this pandemic, a lot of people have missed out on a vacation away from their area. I can’t believe it’s still hanging around and the second wave is happening.

Thanks dear Hannes for your generosity and lovely comments.🤗

Have a nice Saturday!

Good morning Jo 😊

so German is diverse from English, because we can use "sehr" at any time to emphasise what we want to say 😉

The second wave is different, people are different and that might be dangerous in my eyes. So we do take care and don't forget.

You are most welcome, dear Jo, hope your Saturday is nice too 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Language is interesting and I wish I had the ability to speak other ones. But it’s by the time to worry about that now. 😀

People are getting fed up with wearing masks and all the precautions but it might be more important than ever to practice safety. PEi is still doing great but Ontario and Quebec have more COVID-19 cases every day. Being an Island we can protect the borders more easily and check anyone coming in.

It’s been a cool night and not warming up too much today. I’m waiting for the earth’s axis to shift and bring a longer summer this way. 😆

Have a swell Caturday dear Hannes. 🤗

I don't like the masks and I don't wear them unless I have to if I go shopping or another place where you have to wear one, but I'm avoiding both since it all began 😉
It's good you are on an Island and I think you are doing very well. The big cities are the most dangerous places.

We are having quite nice weather outside and I hope tomorrow will be the same, although the forecast says it will rain 😉

Have a great Caturday too, dear Jo 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Hi Hannes!🙂

This pandemic has gone on way too long with no letup in sight. Between the virus and all the environmental disasters going on in the world one has to wonder what in blazes is going on.

I don’t like the masks either and only wear them if mandatory to enter a business establishment. I crocheted one and I can breathe easier with it on than the store bought ones.

The chipmunk is staring at me from the back deck railing. I just went out and gave him some peanuts and the blue jays and squirrel were right there too. The chipmunk backs away when he sees the squirrel. The little red squirrel is twice as big as the chipmunk.

Now the weather is starting to get colder, there are about ten blue jays here in the mornings. Such is the life of the wildlife. 😀

I hope your week goes by wonderfully dear Hannes and the sun shines today.☀️🤗

Hi Jo,

yes, this pandemic is going much too long, but I think we will get used of it and in a few months it all will be normal - not for me though I believe 😉

But enough of that, seems you have some fun with the little critters and the birds 😁 I don't think I have ever seen more than two blue jays at the same time.

It is dry today and the sun was shining around midday, but it has become colder than last week. At least I could ride on my bike home today. It was at the office since Saturday.

I hope the same for you, dear Jo - I wish you a wonderful day and week 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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Hi Jo, (@redheadpei), a lovely selection of V words and photos.

Hi Angie @angiemitchell. Thanks for your kind comment. 😊

Lovely V words. It seems you had fun with your hunt this week. Mixing vinegar and baking soda is how we declog our sink. You are absolutely correct on that.

Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters. And I like the song Vincent sung by Don MacLean which is a tribute to him.

I love the way you conceptualized the word very. The sunset was absolutely VERY beautiful.

Value is a very relative word and you indeed depicted it quite clearly here. So with Vacation.

All in all, marvelous words and pictures. Congrats and see you in the W hunt.

Hi @gems.and.cookies 😊

I looked up the song and and enjoyed Maclean’s singing and the poetic song. It’s nice to hear a song when the words can be heard and not a bunch of loud instruments tuning the voice out.

Thanks for your lovely comments and insight. I always look forward to them.

See you in the W hunt.😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 26 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!❤️

Fabulous word fishing. Vinegar adds shine, some use it on hair. Holidays how much it would give to enjoy the joys of living without responsibility again, the photo of the visitors to the lighthouse was beautiful.
Very emphasizes words, here it is used to emphasize Re cute.
I share with you, there is a monetary value, but it is better to value yourself as a human being.

Yes, I forgot about using vinegar as a hair rinse. It helps with dandruff too.

The visitors at the lighthouse were having a fun time.

Thanks @amandaj for your lovely visit.


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