The End: XYZ

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The alphabet hunt is winding down with words starting with the last three letters: XYZ.


I’ll start with the X in Roman Numerals. X equals 10.

This system of writing numbers started in Rome using letters from the Latin alphabet and was used up to the Middle Ages. I remember learning about The Roman Numerals in school.

  • XV

XV in Roman Numerals equals 15 and by adding 1 would make it 16 (XV1) and so on up to twenty and then it becomes XX.

I wrote out examples of Roman Numerals and the numerical values.



Y will be the easiest to find and I think I will see a lot of yellow in my fellow hunter’s selections.

In mixing paint you learn yellow is a secondary color made by combining red and green in equal amounts.

Yellow is sometimes used in a derogatory manner by calling someone yellow, meaning a coward.

On a nicer note, yellow is a pleasant color that catches your eye. Here are some cheery yellow flowers and a colorful swallowtail butterfly.




A mallard duck family and their two young ducklings.



This is the yeast I use in bread making. It can be purchased at the grocery store.


Baker’s yeast is the common name for the strains of yeast commonly used in baking bread and bakery products, serving as a leavening agent which causes the bread to rise (expand and become lighter and softer) by converting the fermentable sugars present in the dough into carbon dioxide and ethanol.

The last letter is to find words starting with Z. I Have two friends with names starting with Z, Zulu and Zella.


A zipper is usually a metal fastener used to keep to pieces of clothing together but now they have plastic zipper seals to keep freezer bags closed tightly.

Zipper seal bags are ones I use in the freezer to preserve food.


  • ZERO

The number 0 in numerical numbers means zero. Absolutely O...zilch, zip.


❤️ Coming to the end of the Alphabet Hunt is kinda sad. It’s been tons of fun finding words and seeing what others have collected. Many thanks to @barbara-orenya for starting and hosting this Hunt.❤️

Courtesy of @zord189

Courtesy of @derangedvisions

Banner created by @barbara-orenya



What a perfect way to end, with a zero. Even country girls can be symbolic :))

Thanks AG. Now that you mentioned, zero was a good way to end but must have been subconsciously done. :))

I think we are symbolic creatures. We can't help it. And the smart ones among us do it elegantly :))

True AG. Thanks for the generous tip.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Ingenious resort to writing Roman numerals. The meaning of yellow from different perceptions, but the flowers this color are beautiful. You say and now that I think about it that yellow is one of the first colors that babies discriminate against. The idea of ​​the Zipper bag you got the best of it.
Like you, I'm nostalgic that the challenge ends, but I'm sure @ barbara-orenya will surprise us.
Nice to share with you @redheadpei

Thanks @amandaj for your lovely comments. It’s been great meeting up with you on the Hunt.

Take care and see you on Hive my friend.😊

Terrific entries Jo!! The ducks are so cute and I love the Swallowtail! We had some of the same ideas but mine will all be different..kinda' like Btw, I can't send tips right now as they aren't going through due to HF24 but otherwise I would be sending you one! 🙂💞

I’m just happy you liked the post Dee.❤️ Not to worry about the tip.

Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!😊

Wow! You made it all seem nice and easy! Good work!

Thanks @kaminchan for your kind support.😊

Very clever with the Roman Numerals well thought of and this brings us to the end of this amazing contest we will miss it 😐

Thanks! The hunt will be missed. :)

Nicely executed love them all and you are the only one that came up with the roman numeral numbers well thought of 👍

Thanks @kohsamui99 for your kind comments.😊 Always appreciated.

Your welcome @redheadpei 😊

Marvelous trophies. That Roman numeral chart reminded me so much of school when we were taking this up. I also have Yellow flowers in my hunt. Yes, Yellow will be seen quite a bit here.

Zipper is a very common word but I did not even think of it. Oh my. You just may have come up with a unique word that is so commonly used! Very good.

Yeast and Zero may very well be unique too. I haven't seen them yet.

Congratulations for completing the last hunt. I've gotten so used to saying, "See you in the next hunt" but I guess it stops here. It has been a pleasure reading and viewing your word finds and the photos that went along with them. Perhaps we can once again be in another exciting hunt, who knows? Meanwhile, thank you for the fun and the happy memories. I surely will be missing them.

We did well to complete the Hunt @gems.and.cookies. It’s been most enjoyable and I hope something else comes up where we can all participate.

Thank you right back for all the fun and happy readings. 😀

See you on Hive. Take care and keep safe my friend!😊

You have Zipped through the entire alphabet with xtraordinary (that one won't pass the scrabble test) verve and style. :)

I've had great fun reading and looking at your alphabet posts. I'm sorry to see the contest end, too.

' Zipped through the entire alphabet' -- that is well said, I like how it sounds.
by the way, welcome to check my X-hunt, it has some intresting stuff. @bigtom13

Thanks @qwerrie for your kind support!

Thanks so much @bigtom13 for reading my Alphabet Hunt posts and your lovely comment.

I’m sorry to see the end of the contest as it has been a lot of fun. Maybe Barbara will think up another challenge.😊

You have made a very nice interpretation of all the words along the alphabet and your wonderful hunts my dear...thanks a lot for your participations from A to Z !

Thanks so much Barbara and for starting this enjoyable challenge.❤️

Wow Joanne you wrapped that up with zippy zappy speed and glamour, no x-rated words either awesome!

Thanks Joan for all your support. Haha no x-rated words.😀

Dear @redheadpei, you had a very successful hunt ...🥰
Have a nice evening 🌌😊

Thanks dear Suzana @suzana72.❤️

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 28 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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hello beautiful I'm learning many words haha
I love the ones you have put on.
I refused to turn yellow haha but yours is beautiful
Happy Friday

Joan, you showed us the way to the fastest and more efficient hunting results, how to get tropheys without sufficient effords and not venturing into the long street walks. a great result! the 'zipper' word didnt even come to my mind, by the way. cheers! -- and a !BEER for you.

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

I always have to think about what each letter means when I see a roman number, but all in all it's a simple system 😉
There are two words we have in common, dear Jo, and after seeing some of the other XYZ posts I know that most of my words have already been used, but that's no wonder with these letters 😉

You have done a great job, Jo, and I love the butterfly and the Young ducks most 😃

Cheers and !BEER

I'm late in this reply, Hannes. It seems some of mine got lost. Thanks for your kindness and the reblog.

Everyone of us will miss the Hunt but it couldn't last forever. We had a great run though. 😀

Have a wonderful week dear Hannes,🤗 and lovely autumn days.🌞🍂

Never mind Jo, I have just before come home from a hike.

This morning looked promising, so I went for a hike. It was still nice with clear sky while I was hiking up the mountain, but when I reached the little lake on top of the mountain range it was cloudy, very windy and cold. I took a few photos, but they haven't got any sharp because of the strong wind. The sunrise I was hoping for happened behind the clouds, but I could see a little bit of an orange colour 😉

Nevertheless I have had a nice morning and I hope your day and week is also great 🌞🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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Wow, @redheadpei... great words!