Tails, Tea and Thor

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Another week has passed and it’s time to start finding words starting with T for the #alphabethunt hosted by @barbara-orenya in the Feel Good Community.



Most wildlife animals, like this squirrel, have a nice bushy tails. A good tail is important for them to help keep their balance, especially when climbing trees.

The end of this squirrel’s tail is a bit frayed from a encounter with another squirrel. When squirrels fight over territory they chase each other and pull at each other’s tail.

The little red squirrel is not being run off by a rival today and is enjoying some brown bread.



An interesting word starting with T and ending in T.

A nice cup of tea would go good right now and, as in most homes, I have a few different teapots to let the tea steep in.

A china tea set my mother left me with the teapot and cups. The design is Old Country Roses. In the thirty-three years I’ve had this set, it’s a shame it has only been used a few times.

I’ve taken the photo of the tea set in the china cabinet with my iPad.



Tree Tuesday is a popular tag on Hive and I am sure Tree will be a popular one in this hunt.

A grove of young birch trees.


Tree collage



The sea gives up many Treasures and sea glass is one of them.

Genuine sea glass are pieces of glass wore to a smooth appearance by the Tumbling and washing of the sea. The glass could be from broken bottles, tableware or found from shipwrecks. Mainly it is from broken bottles.

Sea glass I have collected and leave in two antique milk bottles from my father’s old farm.


Table of the sea glass valued by the color. The orange, red, yellow and Turquoise are the rarest. The white and green are common and besides these colors, I only found a couple blue sea glass.


A sign on the door of a Tourist shop in Souris by the beachfront.


Not Trash but Treasure. Woman with dog collecting sea glass on the Souris beachfront.



Thursday means Thor’s Day in old English. Thor is known as the Norse god of Thunder, strength and protection and depicted with flowing red hair and beard. He wields a boomerang mighty hammer and rides a chariot drawn by goats.


”The names for the days of the week in English seem to be a mixed bag. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are named after the celestrial bodies, Saturn, Sun and Moon, but the other days are named after Germanic gods, Tuesday (Tiw's day), Wednesday (Woden's day), Thursday (Thor's day) and Friday (Freya's day).”

Friday is also know as Frigg’s day in the English week days and the one I prefer instead of Freya. Frigg is known as a goddess in Norse mythology and the wife of Odin.

I often joke with @johannpiber about the Norse/Germanic days and wish him a good Thor’s Day on a Thursday.

  • T for TEXAS

Thinking of Ts, I want to sing, “T for Texas, T for Tennessee . Most of you youngsters would have never heard this song on the Blue Yodel series recorded in the 1930s by Jimmie Rodgers.

Many refer to him as the Father of Country and Western Music.. Just a man and his guitar- a time when songs were sung with only the voice and a single musical instrument .

My father loved this music and I remember the old records being played in the house. I soaked it all up and even tried to yodel- still can’t.

These childhood memories are probably why I like Bluegrass music today.

Mother wasn’t anyways impressed with Dad’s music choices and I can still see her giving him the evil eye and saying, “Please turn that sound down!”


All photos & text by @redheadpei unless sourced. All Rights Reserved without my permission.

Thanks for visiting my post and I hope you liked my selections of the Alphabet Hunt for Ts.



Courtesy of @derangedvisions


How lovely is this T selection Jo ! 😊 the Tail of the squirrel first gave me a big smile, as the view of these critters always does ! 😁
Wonderful pieces you have for the tea time, and of course they are too beautiful to be used...LoL...that makes a lovely decor and usually great dust opportunity 😉
Ooh I would love to go pick up sea glasses like mushrooms !...or like pretty Treasures like yours in the bottles
In french, thursday is Jeudi, the day of jupiter. Very interesting info on the thursday being Thor's day indeed....😊

Thanks for your lovely comments Barbara. I don’t think people are impressed with fine china tea sets anymore. The next time I have a friend visit, I’m going to use the good china. :)

It is interesting how language evolves. Actually. Thor is connected to Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter in Astrology.

Have a wonderful weekend❤️

Treasures in those treasured old milk bottles always fun finding, twinkling pieces of glass you can give thought to how long they were carried by tides, where the started from, what was traded in them.

Trees most treasured wherever we live in the world. Thor's day definitely arrives regularly a reminder of history, the Texan music not too sure my mom would have enjoyed it either.

Tea sets as we remember our parents used, it is sad we hardly use them today, a good old mug does well enough.

Thanks for amazing letter "T" Jo, wishing you a wonderful weekend too....


Yes, there must be some great stories carried inside the sea glass about where and who it came.

One friend, when I lived in Ontario, would open her china cabinet when I visited and serve the coffee in her “good” china cups. I think I will start doing that once in awhile.

The china dishes/cups can’t go into the dishwasher or Their finish will start to crack. Maybe that’s why fancy china has fallen out of favor with the young people today. 😀

Thanks Joan for your lovely comments and tip.

Have a wonderful weekend❤️

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix @pixresteemer!

Actually, I thought of photographing the Tail of our red kitten Pete because it's many times bent towards his head when he's happy or hungry, and he's always happy and/or hungry, similar to your cute Squirrel's Tail is bent 😁

I have seen the woman collecting sea glass in your photo bomb photo, but I didn't know that you can actually collect these glass pieces, which I have also seen sometimes on the beach before. I'll keep that in mind when we have our next vacation at the sea - thank you Jo, I have learned something new today 😊

That's a very nice selection of T words, Jo, and I knew I would see more Trees this week 😊

Cheers and !BEER
The !invest_vote bot seems to not work at the moment, but hopefully it will do ist job when it's functioning again ;)

Good afternoon Hannes.🙂

Folks will rise early and comb the beaches for sea glass. I would like to find more colorful pieces such as the red ones but I think they are all collected before I get to the beach. There is a Sea Glass festival here each year- or there was before Covid-19. At the festival you can see/ purchase all the interesting things made with the sea glass.

Thanks dear Hannes for your kind comments, reblog, tip and goodies. Always appreciated.😊

Good morning Jo 😊

This sounds interesting and you should get up early too one day. Maybe you'll be able to photograph a beautiful sunrise and find red sea glass at the same time 😀

You're always welcome, dear Jo 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Haha Hannes, that all sounds great in theory. Since I don’t work outside the home anymore, I do rise early but like to drink coffee, check the iPad for Hive, emails and eat the breakfast Hubby cooks. By the time I feed Red and Sunday, the wildlife and tidy the house it is way after sunrise. 😀

Really I should go to the beach some early morning before the snow flies.

Mainly I see the sunrise at my sister’s cottage which is on a lake but no sea glass there. She wants us to come visit next week.

I hope your weekend is warm and sunny dear Hannes .😊

I forgot that you have to feed your wildlife and the cats what certainly takes some time and of course you have some fun watching them eating. At least I would do so 🙂

I think last time you wanted to visit your sister you haven't because of a hurricane. Now that Teddy is gone you should go and see your sister once again ... and watch a nice sunrise 😁

I'm afraid I won't see the sun this weekend, but I hope you do, dear Jo 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Good afternoon Hannes. 🙂

I had to chuckle this morning as both the chipmunk and blue jay were staring at me from the deck railing waiting for their breakfast.

My sister would like us to come for a visit but it’s a long drive and there are stairs to the bedroom- a bit difficult for Hubby right now. Hubby has the hip problem and is now on the list for a new one-will be in the Spring. He played a lot of sports and may have injured it as he played goalie in a local hockey game up until a couple years go.

This morning looks nice and sunny.

Have a wonderful day dear Hannes. 😊

Good afternoon Jo,

they have become your pets - hope your cats don't get too jealous 😉

I have quite a few friends who have done or are still doing a lot of sports, and most have similar problems with their back, hip or legs. I have never overdone it, although I sometimes have problems with my knees and ankles what might be the result of extensive running when I was younger. But it isn't very bad.

After a rainy Friday and night we have had our first snow in the mountains this morning and on some places the snow fell almost down into the valleys. The weather is better now, but it has become colder.

I wish you a warm and sunny day, dear Jo ☀️

Cheers and !BEER

Good morning Hannes. 🙂

The cats do get jealous. Red stands by the door and tries to see what I’m giving the wildlife. He would love to escape outside and chase the birds and chipmunks.

One time in the winter he dashed out the door after the squirrel and chased him up a tree. It was a snowy morning and Red had never been outside and felt wet snow.

Luckily the squirrel was fast. I went out and brought Red back inside. It was good wading the snow was not a pleasant experience for Red so he doesn’t demand to go outside.😀

So many people have artificial knees and hips and find it successful from what I hear. I think Hubs is a bit worried about the operation but knows it has to be done.

Snow already. It must be pretty on the mountains dear Hannes ☃️

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Nice alphabethunt thinking.

Thanks @kamrunnahar!😊

Ahhh...your squirrel is a superstar so cute i didn't know that there tails helps in keep their balance when climbing trees we learn something everyday and you came up with some nice choices of T's nicely executed @redeadpei 👍

Thanks @kohsamui99. I always appreciate you kind remarks.

I have seen some squirrels with half their tails pulled off by other squirrels. One squirrel I used to call No Tail because all his tail was gone. I don’t know what happened to him.

Have a great day!

Really no tail and they don't grow back how terrible he will be walking around pretty wobbly of balance and not climbing trees anymore poor thing 🤔

Yes, I felt bad for No Tail and always made sure he had food. I don’t know what ever happened to him as he stopped coming around.

You certainly get a few furry visitors well hope he is ok and you never know he could show up some day again 😊

What an epic hilarious scene that would be to watch these cute creatures pulling each other's tails lol!

Yea, the tree is in my list too 😀

I didn't know Germans followed Norse god in the ancient times. I thought Norse god countries in the past were Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland... Thank you! Anything about history fascinates me 😃

Nice finish! Yoodle- woo touches 😊

After the track ended it felt like I watched an episode of T's hunt 😄 .. Thank you.. I very much enjoyed it.

Welcome @razeiv and thanks for your lovely comments

It is a bit confusing @razeiv. Germanic tribes are not to be confused with Germany today.

“ The Scandinavians (later called Vikings), like the Anglo-Saxons (English) were a sub group of the Germanic peoples.
Germanic is a broad umbrella term for the people that speak a group of languages that are interrelated and lived in the northern part of Europe. The term Germanic is not to be confused with the country which is called Germany today.”

I’m happy you enjoyed the squirrel tales :) and the music track. 😊

Oh, I see.. living on the opposite side of the world, this information is highly appreciated. Being a south-east Asian, where would I have known such thing than Hive :)) .. I believe to google something on the internet at least I need to know what I'm searching for haha! Thank you Jo for your summarized note on this.

Your squirrel always leaves me with joy :)) & have a sweet day!

I’m always happy for you to find something out you hadn’t known before @razeiv

Yes, I also get a lot of enjoyment from watching the little critters.

Have a lovely Sunday!😊

Thanks :) .. Wish you the same!

How interesting, Thursday is Thorsday. Never knew that and it is always something new to learn. In fact I remember I have read somewhere about the celestial names of the three days of the week, but somehow I skipped the rest. Now I know, thanks to you Jo and for sure Thorsday I will never forget.
Wonderful T hunt!

Thanks! I’m glad you liked the information on Thorsday Neli. Thor has got to be my favorite of the Norse gods.😊

You really have come up with a awesome selection of "T's" love them all and the Squirrels make a appearance again with there wonderful fluffy tails 😊

Ha, ha, the squirrel is a good model for me to fit in a lot of times.

Thanks so much @bigsambucca.😊

Haha ... i actually had my squirrels lined up also for T for tails but i had to many T's and had to leave them out this time but happy to see your ones again 😊

The real catch for this #AlphabetHunt 🤗
The sweetest squirrel and its tail 🥰

My little outside critters make great subjects for my post. 😀

Thanks @suzana72❤️

Have a lovely Sunday.

Yes 🤗
You're welcome @redheadpei 😊
Thank you!
Have a nice evening 🌌😊

aND SOME !BEER to you, as well.

Thanks @qwerrie

coincidence: writing my post right now; I decided to scoop from the books field :=)

Nice hunt Redheadpei! Nice selections of T words! I think I have also found sea glass, like you have a few times. Maybe just the pieces of bottles (sea glass) can be better than just a bottle of beer. Or the bottle may be better for adults because they drink more beer than I do haha. Nice T words! :)

Thanks @jadeaca. You have a point about the beer. The sea glass lasts while the bottle of beer vanishes quickly 😀

Oh yes. Tails!! With our 9 cats and 2 dogs why didn't I think of this word? But all their collective tails will not hold a candle to your Squirrel's tail. Great capture. My wife will adore your Tea set! I have Tea and Tea Bags in my list and that set of yours would have just made my photo for Tea extraordinary. Interesting concept for Treasure. This will make my next beach trip more exciting knowing I can look for seaglass. My whole family loves Thor and Loki too. Surprised to find out Thursday is actually from Thor's day. Wait till I tell my wife and kids. They're gonna love this bit of info. Texas might be a unique word this week. Quite a successful hunt. Well done!

Yes, you have a lot of tails around your house with 9 cats and 2 dogs.😀

I’m happy you have a story of Thor and Thorsday to tell your wife and daughters.

The tea set is a nice one and I should use it more.

Thanks @gems.and.cookies and have a wonderful Sunday 😊

An interesting tour of words with the appreciated And the images that accompany it.
You are very creative and that inspires. The information it incorporates and the reflection are valid.
A little-used kettle is a treasure; the treasures can be whatever you want.
I like the altruistic work of those who help nature and the table and people collecting glass is a good example.

Yes, it is important we all help nature no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.

Thanks @amandaj for your kind comments.😊

Have a lovely week!

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I think we grew up with a lot of the same music at home!, Great T selection of photos and words. Sea glass Treasures is an interesting group of photos for someone like me who lives far from the sea.

Thanks! Yes I think we have a lot in common Melinda although I may be a wee bit older.😀

Looking down for sea glass is second nature when strolling the beaches here.

a-aaaa, the title of your post already gives hints!! let me look at it later, when I do my own wordpicks :P

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