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I can see why you like to visit Slovenia Johann. The beautiful emerald “green Soča river”is a wonder and I love it.💞

Castles are always an interest and the Goldhaube Radar System is a great shot. I wouldn’t have believed you could capture it from that distance. Great shot!

Neat capture of the Green Bush Cricket. They jump around so much they are hard to photograph.

Your parents property with garden shed and the field of beautiful flowers is lovely. 🌻 It’s nice they have a small garden to enjoy fresh produce. A beautiful spot with the mountains and waterfall nearby.

I have to smile at your cute little tree because I also took a photo of one about the same size and thought I might used it sometime in a post.

Great selections Johann! Have a great evening.😊


... and I always forget to say thank you when you rehive my posts 😊
Cheers and !BEER

Johann , you are most welcome. You know you don’t have to thank me as you are very generous giving me tips and beer, etc,. Much appreciated.🙂💝

It’s 8:16 P.M. and raining. Tomorrow will be better.

Have a great start to the week.🙂

I know, but sometimes I just have to say thanks ;)

Good morning Jo,
hopefully your day is better and the sun shines again, because last night it started to rain here and the weather forecast says it will be rainy for the next days. I will be sitting in the office most time of the day anyway, so I don't mind ;)

You have a great week too 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

It’s still raining here this morning and I don’t think it will let up today. You will be busy in the office and know it’s not good for biking.

The only excitement here last night was when I went outside to bring in the Hummingbird feeder ( new one) from the deck post the skunk was near the steps checking the ground. He took off running towards the forest when he saw me. Sometimes they will raise their tail to warn you before they spray. If he did that I would have backed up into the house.😭

Have a wonderful week. 😊

Hi Jo,

I'm at home now and the rain has stopped, but not for long I think, because our weathermen say that I wouldn't see much sun this week...

I don't want to believe them, but sometimes they are right. Do you want to know what's funny about this image? I'm working on Friday and I can't take the day off 😂

Hihi, that's nice of the skunks when they warn you before they spray, and I believe you that you would have run if he did 😉

So you have bought one more Hummingbird feeder? You should now take more care of it and don't forget to take it into the house over night that the racoon cannot destroy this one too. This bad boy destroys a lot of money 😆

Because I had also a look at your weather forecast I can wish you a nice week, Jo 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Thanks Johann. I believe tomorrow will be nicer than today without all the rain.💦 You temperatures are good. Sorry you have to work on Friday with the nice forecast.

Skunks will sometimes stamp their feet to warn you but once they raise their tail -look out!

I’m not really afraid of this skunk for he has been around of awhile and knows I live here...I hope!🤪

Yes, the rascal raccoon is causing an expense if I don’t bring in the hummingbird feeder at night. I’ve been doing it faithfully since he broke the last one. I have to buy a good one as the cheap ones leak.

Have a good night. 😊

Good morning Jo,

it is still raining here, but at least one of us two might have a nice day today 🙂

That's too funny thinking that people are afraid of some stink - I have never smelled a skunk and you have told me it smells somehow like weed. Can it be worse than an old billy goat? That's the worst animal smell I know, apart from old fish ;)
But the skunk knows you and will warn you early enough if you come too close.

Maybe you should let the skunk spray on the Hummingbird feeder to stop the raccoon from destroying it ... if the Hummingbirds don't mind the smell, of course 😉

Hopefully you were right and you have a good day with nice weather 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Good afternoon Johann. After a cool night the sun is breaking through this morning. Maybe another cold night with possible frost as there is a tropical storm (Cristobal) coming up from the States through the middle of Canada and pushing cold air down our way from the north.

Johann, I may have minimized the odour given off when a skunk sprays. A full -on spray would linger for a week and smell like rotten egg gas because of the sulphur in it.. Sometimes skunks just let a little go as a warning and that is not too bad and more like someone is growing marijuana.
Normally if a skunk has been killed on the road the smell is more like weed after a few days.

I know too much about these skunks.😂 I had a dog once that got sprayed and the remedy then was to bath him in tomato juice . What a mess. It did take some of the smell but he still stunk for a week.

I hope your day is going smoothly.😊

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Yes, this river is really beautiful and it is so very clear and clean that you certainly can drink the water.

I have been surprised too, that the images of these buildings have been so nice. I had thought they woul dbe much more blurry.

I didn't see this grasshopper at first, but when I looked through the viewfinder I saw it and changed my mind from photographing the blossom to take a photo of the sleeping grasshopper ;)

Their house is accross the street and there is a bigger garden with salad and vegetables and... my mom needs always something to do ;)

Cool, I wonder when you will use your small tree. I think there are a lot of letters left, so that we should take photos of everything we see. When I took this photo I thought of using it when we search for the L (little) or N (new) or so ;)

Have a nice and hopefully dry afternoon and a good night, Jo 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Hey @redheadpei, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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