Six Distinct D's : AlphabetHunt Challenge - letter D

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There are a number of objects, places, living things starting with the letter D and to participate in Alphabet Hunt I am going to submit some of my photos, mostly shot randomly without any prior planning :). I am very much still new to hive and I'm a little sad for missing the previous one.

Never mind, better late than never!

This super exciting contest link can be found here, run by @barbara-orenya



This is my neighbour's dog named "Kalu" a common name for an Indian doggy. It is called because of it's black colour, Kala means Kalu haha! I shot this yesterday when returning from school, he was standing in front of my gate and I thought to make him famous in here.

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The raindrops collected on the leaf of sweet potato in our farming area. I took this couple of months earlier on a random rainy day.

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The office desk of our school, clicked yesterday, only to enter this contest.

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Ducks in our village farmhouse area, I had also made a post on them in the #amazingnature community contest weeks earlier. This was also taken randomly when I was back home from the village market, they looked so beautiful playing there that I couldn't resist myself.


5a29953b6db346.4595041615126746194493 (1) (1).png


This is the TP link mini router device to connect multiple devices. I bought it though I rarely use it.

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For the last one I had to thought a bit and with no option had to share my deo with you guys :)

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I am razeiv,
Short stories writer, an art lover
from NorthEast, India.


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created by @derangedvisions

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So well done for a first time @razeiv ! ^_^ And you will have a lot of letters to go on and have fun, there is no obligation to participate at all the letters hunt also, by the way 😉
I enjoy how you searched around you and also ended up with your deo 😁 one had thought to this word neither 👍


Thanks so much .. I cannot afford to miss the upcoming quest of this.

My next announcement post will be tomorrow thursday and you will be mentioned in it as you will participate to the draw straws Good luck on that 😀

Thanks! I will stay updated ☺

Great photos a a wonderful selection of D words! The photo of the deodorant made me laugh! Very original! ❤️

Thank you lol!