Hunting on the letter E : AlphabetHunt Challenge - letter E

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Easy and enjoying the ecstatic expedition experiencing emphatic evolution. I quit! It is really tough to write something using only letters starting with 'E' but it is easy to post a few snaps on them. So I'm here again, trying to have fun by participating again this week and sharing some natural and artificial things which start with the letter "E"

This super exciting contest link can be found here, run by @barbara-orenya



To start with, I took the help of my cat and sharing his ignorant look. He is four months old and a very lazy one, rarely even does he jobs of catching mice. He likes to sleep all day and live on cookies and fish.


IMG_20200527_131237 glasses.jpg

This is my eyeglasses, I rarely use them outside and are being used when I'm sitting next to my television.

Electrical light bulb

IMG_20200527_171230 bulb.jpg

Started out with Thomas Alva Edison with its carbon filament bulb to incandescent light bulb with the efforts of many.



"Satyamev Jayate" meaning "Truth alone triumphs" embarked down at the bottom of our national emblem, being its motto. The national emblem of India was adapted from the Lion Capital of Ashoka located at Sarnath. It has four lions in it each facing four different directions east, west, north and south. It symbolizes the nation's integrity and sovereignty.



I searched out my house like hell and realize that I was running out of envelopes. Luckily got an old one!

Electrical board


Electrical board connecting three phases, one to our main house, next to coop, and the third to our boundary lights.

5a29953b6db346.4595041615126746194493 (1) (1).png

All images taken with Vivo Y83 pro

I am razeiv,
Short stories writer, an art lover
from NorthEast, India.

created by @derangedvisions

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Entry accepted ! there is just a few hours left now but yours is on time 😉 Don't you think this letter was quite challenging..? Next letter F would give us more ease I think 😊
Good luck for tomorrow draw !🤞

It was indeed a bit tough one, got me busy thinking whole week. No wonder, why my entry came late haha! Fingers crossed!

Fingers.... thats a hint :))

Upcoming one will be a bit easy and exciting!

F is challenging for me... I am numb and really cant take any decisions... maybe a deadline will help me :/

There is a dead line that is the end of the hunt week on wednesday @qwerrie ! 😄 But this seems to be an obscure concept if I consider your daddy girl submitting the hunt with a week of timelag 😁
Do you mean you can not decide which words you will select and which ones you will give up ? If that is, I have a solution

I like those cat eyes.🙋

Thank you 😁

nice to see an Emblem, very quality image of Electric board, and my most fave part here is an Envelope -- nothing to excuse about it -- a great item lovely crafted from a classic styled verge paper. cheers!

Thanks so much @qwerrie, very glad you liked it 😁