Greeny Hunt ~ AlphabetHunt letter L

in Feel Good9 months ago (edited)

Hi! Hivers and Feel good community, I missed the last two hunts unfortunately but up once again to resume my hunt of this week for "L".

The hunt for "L" was mostly in my garden and walking out in our compound.

The contest is run by @barbara-orenya and the link of the contest can be found here


Log 2.jpg

Log 1.jpg

I was walking in our compound when I saw this log lying unseen. Alphabet hunt was on my mind and didn't delay to take some snaps from the smartphone.



I apologize for the blurriness as I was not able to place the camera more closely in the rain.



Edited one, this was from Agartala trip, India. I have some great historical photos to share from the trip, will try to share it soon.

Alphabet Hunt L.png

Now, some greenery from my garden.


Leaf 1.jpg

Leaf 1.jpg

Turmeric leaves from my garden, grown just for household use.


Lemon 1.jpg

This image was taken today, they are the local lemons. The outer layer is very thick and too citric, much sugary substance needed than usual if we want to have a quick lemon drink.

By the end of September/October they will be ready to pluck.

Lemon 2.jpg

These flowers were taken months ago.

Alphabet Hunt L.png


There's a bridge upon a hill,
Raiders march on the exquisite thrill.
Few they rode when it vanished.
Half in the river, others in panic,
The villages exclaimed, "Behold lord's will!".

A limerick (/ˈlɪmərɪk/) is a form of verse, usually humorous and frequently rude, in five-line, predominantly anapestic meter with a strict rhyme scheme of AABBA, in which the first, second and fifth line rhyme, while the third and fourth lines are shorter and share a different rhyme.

Alphabet Hunt L.png

All images taken from Vivo smartphone Y83 Pro.

Thanky you 2.png

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Great that you have participated again.

I don't think I have seen Log and Liquid this week, but certainly I haven't seen Limerick. Sadly the photo upload didn't work, but the Limerick is nice 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Thanks @johannpiber & have a good time 😊

My pleasure, you're very welcome 🙂

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welcome back with your very nice hunt @razeiv ! All these captures looks fresh and crispy from Nature 😉
I didn't know the word Log apart when I log in into an account 😁...thanks for the teaching and the beautiful shots ^_^

Oh yea, log in.. How on earth I missed it haha!

Thank you so much & always a pleasure to be engage with the hunt.

I didn't know the word Log apart when I log in

@barbara-orenya, just: O! how is that really possible? which words have you used for it, then? > trunks? wood?..

Yep..trunk I suppose, or maybe I had never to place it in an english conversation... 🤔 😁
But where I was wrong is when I wrote I've learnt the word here, because in fact @redheadpei used it also in her hunt but I didn't remember it, it was Labor, Logs as proposition and I suppose I focused on the Labor more...☺️

Good evening @razeiv. let me congratulate you on the successful post of the letter L - Well done mate! There are some highlights, espeecially I enjoyed Lemon and Liquid. You illustrated 'Liquid' in such a creative way - I like it! btw speaking of creativity, I recommend you to use #creativecoin tag on posts with creative content, to better monetize your creativity. (i've collected a stack of 25k CCC - creativecoin tokens, and love to curate good content with all this power).

wish you a good hunting for next week!

ps. your LOG looks like more like a BARK to me :=)

Perhaps close shot didn't worked 😁

I will be using #creativecoin tag definitely.

Thanks and have a good time 😊

Wonderful L word photos! It's great to see you here again.
I have never seen a turmeric leaf before! What a pretty plant.

Thank you @melinda010100 :)

Great choices for L. I liked seeing the leaves. Now you will have to start on the Ms. 😊

Thank you.. Yes, It's the deadline and I will try for my submission today.