my journey to the Alphabet Land (day Y)

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My next post for the #AlphabetHunt challenge by @barbara-orenya. Maybe the last one. This week we had to find words starting with letter X, Y, Z. I already posted the X stuff in separate post, here are my Y tropheys.

Y — Yellow submarine


This one require no comments, I think. All of you are in the know what the Yellow Submarine is, and where it arrived from?.. This one appeared at St.Petersburg at the ceremony of museum opening, back in 2019 -- and thats where I nailed it.

Y — Yearling


Another easy word to remember: a one-year infant is named 'yearling'. On the photos above you see my babygirl at the end of first year of her life, i.e. she is a yearling here. There is a petting nickname analogue of this word in Russian, which sounds like 'Godovasik'. Caressing, petting word.


This was the 1st birthday cake. Not related to this post subject at all, but this Memory Feels Good!


Happy father I was.


Y — Yacht


Some of you live by the sea, and will not be surprised with a yachts' visuals. But since I don’t travel much, for me this is a rarity: yachts cant be seen on the streets of my city. Captured this image at the Ladoga lake skerries back in 2007.

Y — Yardwork


A piece of winter for you here.

Y — Yves Delorme


Я не очень в курсе, что такое Ив Делорм на самом деле... Но тут это был ОЧЕНЬ дорогой магазин аксессуаров и роскошных безделушек для устройства домашнего уюта, в пяти минутах от моего дома. Я проходил его витрины всякий раз, идя в магазин, в парк, или в метро... Роскошные вещи в его витринах мозолили мне глаза много лет - но за все эти годы я не зашел внутрь ни разу. Потому что смехотворные ценники доставали до Луны. И я ни разу не видел входящих внутрь покупателей. Я все время гадал: у кого же столько денег чтобы тут отовариваться, за счет чего он вообще существует... Наконец летом этого года (спасибо и Ковиду тоже) это неестественное создание-не-для-людей наконец решило прекратить свое существование. После нескольких распродаж (объявления о них я пропустил, сидя дома) я внезапно увидел что магазин ЗАКРЫТ. И не мог не сфотать на прощание.
I don't really know exactly what Yves Delorme really is, perhaps Barbara knows this better than me. But it was a fashionable and VERY expensive store of all sorts of accessories and nice, no, luxurious things for home comfort, the store was located three minutes walk from me. I walked by him all the time, when I went to the store, or to the park, or on the subway ... all the time I saw the luxurious things displayed in his windows. For many years that I have lived next to him, I have never gone inside the store. Because the price tags that I saw were just cosmic, they reached the moon. I have never seen buyers open the door of the store, and I kept wondering: who has so much money to buy in this store, how does this store still exist ... And this summer, finally (thanks to Covid too) this unnatural creature-not-for-humans has finally decided to cease to exist. After several sales (I missed announcements about them, sitting at home), I suddenly saw that the store was CLOSED.

Y — Yandex


Have you heard of a Yandex, no? But you do know about the Google, right? So, basically, Yandex is the Russian Google. It is a cool IT-company that worked out the internet search technology, made IPO, and by the end of 2000-es became the leading player of a Russian internet segment. It developed a lot of useful services thru years and accumulated a huge financial resources; it became as divercified business, as Google. Now one can order a fast food delivery thru Yandex service, order a Yandex taxi, listen to music from Yandex servers (if you dont like apple or spotify), watch a movie from Yandex.Cinema, and more, more, much more.


Invitation ad to use Yandex Food delivery service above (I found the week before on the street) and a Yandex.Go courier photo I took last month, below.


I could add as well a Yandex.Taxi photo, Yandex.Market or Yandex.Maps screenshots (the service I actually use most of them all), but it would requitre a separate post, and a pretty elongated one. I am sure, you got the idea: Yandex is an octopus, it has a lot of tentacles of different direction, length and thicknesses. Is it an Evil Beast? Well, thru all the 2000-es it was not!

All the images taken by me, as always. This round I found more Y words then I actually illustrated and fit into the post. They are:

yardstick / yeast / yellowtail / yielding / yoga / yoga / yogurt / yokelish / yuppie plant

Those are all good things... but nobody can fit an unfittable, right?
Как говорил мой старый наставник-редактор: "Нельзя впихнуть невпихуемое!

I created an index to my posts for this great challenge.


Hope you enjoyed travelling with me. Come back next week, and join the fun!



Oh yes, believe me or not, I have listened to the Beatles this morning while I drove to a little hike, and I have also heard Yellow Submarine 😊

So you are doing all three letters? How comes that I am not surprised 😉

Exceptional and excellent hunt my friend, wish you a great week 😊🌞

Cheers and !BEER

hey, thanks for the tips you have sent me.
not sure if i gonna do Z this week, maybe i am too lazy for doing 3 hunting rounds in one week. but lets see. at least I have Z-something already in my pocket :)
!BEER and !ENGAGE 30, to you, as well.
ps. its a nice coincidence Beatles made your day in the morning!

You are most welcome my friend, and it doesn't matter if you do the Z's, because you have hunted more words than all of us, I believe 😃

Cheers and !BEER

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Hi @qwerrie, you are such a dedicated alphabet hunter that I don't think so anyone could catch up with your fast pace. Congrats on completing your next hunt. For me, I think if you could submit before the time the XYZ in one post, I would be so happy with myself. Good Luck with your entry! and take care there, cheers, ainie

Ainie, you are too kind!
well, could not but agree. i feel like it is my sort of things, i like playing a game of this kind, and you indeed may call me a dedicated person, hehe... a little sad it's coming to an end. (all good things once come to finish, right?) ... and some folks already stopped doing their posts, lost the intrest along all the way. !ENGAGE 20, and cheers!

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It would be exhausting to make a third post in a week for the challenge, you can post your Z lnext week if you want 😊 ...anyway you will be the only one to have made the three last, which is something you appreciate, don't you my friend ..?😉
I do not know Yves Delorme but yes it sounds french for sure, and I'm in no way a reference when it is about any luxury thing...LoL...I have neither the money, nor the desire to own expensive things, I live a so simple life where we buy only minimal food to not die of hunger, and I'm dressed in the Quechua fashion that is pretty cheap and comfortable, all what I love 😄 My only big expenses are usually with some techie stuff like my drawing tablet, or a smartphone that has a decent camera, but that is not something I have to do very often fortunately !😁

Great now I have that beatles song stuck in my head lol.

which, to me, is a good thing, isnt it?..

Sure could be worse at have a modern pop song in my head instead.

those sticky pop tunes.... haha!

the worst ones are the screeching pop divas

малыш в песочке - какая милость! ты там такой счастливый, прям веет, очень теплые фото

угу. был. все в далёком прошлом :(


в смысле? уже несчастливый папа? счастлииивый! просто грустный немного именно в данный период жизни, наверное

да проблемы с растущим организмом, такие что хоть вешайся :( оно временное, конечно... да. но когда это кончится и главное чем, я боюсь даже подумать.

с ребенком в смысле проблемы? здоровье или балуется и дает стране угля?)

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You are really going all the way with these last letters good on you interesting to see what you come up with Z if you manage to get it done you are certainly doing a grand finale finish 👍

You are definitely unique 😁 Congratulations on the idea and here we have more words for those letters than we thought ...@qwerrie
Have a nice day ☀️

hey, hell yes! much more words! and I learn myself from others posts, too!

a words giveaway! free words! giveaway! come everybody!!


You are happy father indeed, you daughter is so cute. 😀
Yearling, that was something new for me. But the yellow submarine is just classic.

Yeah, you nailed it with this post!

thank you, Neli. Glad I entertained you a bit. (Your comment arrived exactly when I am sitting and sorting what I will include in my last post of the game). As for the yearling -- its not my active vocabulary, and I am not totally sure, but I think it can be applied not to humans only, but to animals too...

Yell.subm. is classic, yes -- the stuff you never get bored of! Cheerio... and the !BEER

I am glad you are going to do your last post with the Z letter. I very much look forward to it.

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