The Letter "V" for Alphabet Hunt

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Come along and join in the fun as we search for words that begin with the letter "V" for this week's Alphabet Hunt!


Van Halen

Van Halen was the first concert I saw perform live wayyyyy back when I was in ninth grade. A few of their original vinyls are in my collection of albums. Sadly Eddie Van Halen died from throat cancer on October 6 at the age of 65. RIP!





Quite the darling of dainty flowers, it is known by three names: Vinca, Madagascar Periwinkle, and Myrtle. This was the first year I decided to hang white vinca baskets around my home and am pleased at how easy they are to maintain.



African Violets

All of my life I've enjoyed the beauty of African violets as well as the ability to start new plants by placing a healthy leaf into a small glass of water. The African violet in this photo is the third generation of a plant gifted to me by my mother, and I am excited to currently have three, new "fourth generation" leaves that are starting to root in the windowsill.




Vegetables are hands-down my favorite thing to eat from the food groups! Buying fresh vegetables and turning them into healthy meals, such as the roasted mixed vegetables in the photo below, is one of my favorite things to do.



Tito's is one of the highest rated of vodkas though I am not able to detect much of a difference between it and the usual, affordable brands I prefer: Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, or Absolut.


What I do know is that I appreciate having an occasional dirty martini (extra olives, please) or Bloody Mary! Those olives are a bonus vegetable too!



Wrapping my post up with a little humor because we all can relate to having days like this! Blaming it on the voices in my head!


Hope you enjoyed my entry for the fun weekly Alphabet Hunt Contest hosted by the lovely @barbara-orenya

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We have periwinkles and violets too! 😍😍😍 At least we have something in common. Hahaha! 🤣

I enjoyed your collection of V, my beautiful friend! 😍 Hope everything's well at your end.

Appreciate the compliment, Ging!💕

Haha! Yes, thank goodness for botany! Great that periwinkles & violets are a common denominator, though we share many more familiar things!🌸🍃💠

Great to see you stop by for a virtual visit -- wish we could do that in real time. Doing okay except for being tired of dealing with the Coronavirus in all aspects of our lives. I took my mom to have tests done on her heart and learned the condition of her aortic valve has worsened. I take her go see a new cardiologist on October 26 as her regular cardiologist whom we completely trusted from handling my father's heart problems only practices telemedicine since the Covid pandemic. Scary times ahead.🙏

How's my handsome little guy Thirdy? Your dear mother? Hugs! @gingbabida

Oh yes! It's scary times. The other month, I was accompanying my Mom for her checkups. It was found out from her abdominal CT Scan that she has a problem with her rectum that needs biopsy. She has to undergo colonoscopy. But we decided not to proceed with it at the moment because the COVID cases in our city is progressing fast, and the first death from the virus was from the hosp my mom will have her procedure taken. Hopefully in the coming weeks the virus will be controlled.



Thirdy is doing fine. Getting taller and naughtier. 🤣🤣🤣

Hope your Mom will get the best treatment there is and will recover soon. ❤

Thank you for the adorable photos of Thirdy with scenic sky backgrounds I admire. At first glance my old eyes thought he had a beard in the second image then I realized he lowered his face mask! Definitely growing up fast but he should not be hitting puberty already!😀

We are on the same page as far as our mothers not wanting to have any medical procedures unless absolutely necessary during the pandemic. Btw, my mom had a diagnosis similar to your mom's ten years ago. Fortunately the biopsy of the polyp removed was not cancerous. I'll keep your mom in my prayers!🙏

Appreciate the warm thoughts and positive wishes, my friend! Stay safe!

Great choices Nina. A lovely tribute to the passing of Eddie Van Halen.
I didn’t see vodka or voices in any of the other hunt posts.
Your violets are beautiful!

Thank you very much! @redheadpei
Usually I try to look at the other entries and not duplicate words but didn't have time so I appreciate you telling me.

How have you been doing?💕

Most welcome Nina @ninahaskin. I have been doing good and hope you are too.❤️

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A nice selection i do love the Van Halen band one of my favorite bands it was truly sad to hear Eddie Van Halen died he fought a hard battle with cancer may he RIP ❤️

Nice selection of Vs!!

Thank you very much for the kind words!✌🤗💕

Cool V post, Nina @ninahaskin 😃

Reading Van Halen I can hear the Sound of Jump in my ears automatically. It's sad when one has to leave so young.

The flowers look lovely. I'm not sure, but I think my mother has African Violets too in her garden.
Sometimes one of the Voices doesnn't stay in my head and changes my usually relatively polite mouth to a potty mouth 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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Oh, Van Halen, such a great start of the post! 🤘
The flowers looked amazing and the roasted veggies make my mouth waters.
Wonderful post! ❤

Hello dear friend @ninahaskin good night
I loved your search for letter (v) you have combined the images very well, you are very creative, congratulations
I appreciate that you show us this search for lyrics
have a wonderful night

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Very sad about Van Halen. I still cant believe he was 65!

Beautiful selection love the vegetables but Van Halen is a rock band i have always loved as a teenager i still have some of his vinyls 😁

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 28 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!