The Letter "N" for Alphabet Hunt

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Come along and join in the fun as we search for words that begin with the letter N for this week's Alphabet Hunt!

I'll start my Alphabet Hunt with a photo of our new four-legged, family member Nymeria!

(pronounce Nymeria rhyming with "Siberia")

She is a sassy, spunky little biting machine Siberian husky puppy!


Nylabones are one of the toys made specifically for Nymeria to chew on while she's teething. These plastic bones are nearly indestructible - so far!


This adorable photo is of my precious granddaughter as a newborn taken last month with curious, nosey Nymeria checking her out!


Every household in America has at least one tube of Neosporin in their medicine cabinet! I even carry a tube in my purse along with BandAids for unexpected boo-boos.



Who remembers back when film was developed and you received negatives in the package along with your prints?


I wrap up my collection of six N Alphabet Hunt words with photos of pine tree needles found in Nature.



This post is my entry for the fun weekly Alphabet Hunt Contest hosted by the lovely @barbara-orenya

Learn more about the rules here

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8 and edited using Prismart

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I wonder what Nymeria was thinking when it saw your granddaughter for the first time - maybe the same as I thought when I saw the photo of Nymeria: "that puppy is so adorable cute" 😁

You have made a lovely N post for the #AlphabetHunt, @ninahaskin 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Wonderful photos of your selected words, Nina.
A bit late, congratulations for the newborn granddaughter! ❤
Let her bring you much joy!

The husky is so adorable, the name is the same like the one from GOT, is it not?
The photo of both, the baby and the doggie is so cute.

I'm glad you enjoyed my photos, Neli, & thank you for the lovely comments!💫

You are absolutely correct about the source of our puppy's name and the first person to say something. My son chose Nymeria based on Aria's direwolf in GOT. Were you a fan of the show too?

It's never too late to congratulate the addition of a new member to the family.💕 I wish my granddaughter lived nearer so we could see her more frequently and that this annoying Coronavirus would go away.

Have a terrific Wednesday! @nelinoeva

You are most welcomed, Nina ❤
I am a fan of GOT and I love the name your son chose.
By the way, I met a new dog in oor neighbourhood, whose name is Aria. 😀

I wish that madness with the virus to be over soon. My son and his girlftiend could not come to visit us as they have planned. Thanks god I managed to go to Thailand and see them before the lockdown.

Have a wonderful day!

This Coronavirus pandemic cannot vaporize and go away soon enough! I'm sorry your son & his girlfriend have not been able to come visit as planned. It makes you cherish the stunning photos & fond memories of the amazing vacation you took to Thailand even more. I think all of us are feeling antsy waiting to travel worry free again.🧳✈🌍🛩

Nice to find a grownup friend who also likes GOT. Was the new dog named Aria a Siberian husky by any chance?

My son liked when I told him you knew where he got the name Nymeria from. If our female husky puppy would've been red haired with blue eyes her name would have been Sansa instead.

Hope you're off to a good week & have a terrific month! @nelinoeva 💕🔆

The pandemic changed our lives so much. Social distancing, masks, not seeing friends and relatives for a long time, all that seems will last forever.

Oh, I read the books and watched the series several times. I mean GOT. It was brutal, yes, too much blood and violence, but the story line grabbed me. So many twists.

The doggy, named Aria was in fact Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, very cute puppy. 😀

I wish you terrific month too, Nina! ❤

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 16 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks for the support & reblog! @pixresteemer

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Excellent choices Nina! Congrats on the birth of a grandchild. Your new puppy is adorable.

Lovely photos Nina ! your new furry pet is beautiful, and your newly born granddaughter is even more 😍 I guess you now have too many choices of pretty models to capture, though I suppose you are no more with your daughter and baby now..?

Awesome choices and wonderful photos to go with your choices, @ninahaskin!
Have a lovely day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

These are awesome Nina!! You could probably guess that my favorites are Newborn and Nymeria! Both are so adorable! 💖

Congratulations on the lovely granddaughter! I cannot think of anything more beautiful than adding another branch to the family tree. Oh, she must be the flowering branch!

Did your daughter come to visit you? I know you went there, but, I see the puppy, so I have to guess that she came there... boy, those are convoluted thoughts I am having! How wonderful, Nina! So many things going on in your life now and all of them are such happy things.

I love your new puppy! I love huskies and what a pretty one for sure! Did you pick the name or was it registered before you got it? Congratulations on so many levels, my lovely friend!

Life is good!

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What a precious photo of the puppy and the baby! I'm certain it must be painful to have her so far away. I hope you are able to spend more time with her soon!

I love you choices of "N" especially the Pine tree needles photos well done 😊