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RE: The very last #AlphabetHunt letters X,Y and Z- and the winners of the W lucky draw ! [ENG-FR]

in Feel Good3 months ago

A very lovely finish to the last hunt of X,Y,Z and Yvoire really is a picturesque medieval town i love visiting towns like that and little yoga BlueWonkie is so cute 😊

And congrats to all the lucky draw winners for W ...which are @angeli-b @gems.and.cookies @nelinoeva @ainie.kashif @readmymind

Well i better get on with my hunt 😁


Thank you!
I am looking forward to seeing your hunt and what surprises you've got for us.

Your welcome it's going to be a tough one am still working on it , i never give up 😁

gracias @kohsamui99


Thank you @kohsamui99 for the kind wish. The yoga BlueWonkie is really epic right! Let's do the last huntings! Have a Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

You are most @welcome @ainie.kashif i am still working on my hunt but should have it done by tomorrow hopefully 👍