On The Hunt for Letter "I".

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Yesterday my wife and myself were back at the supermarket doing our fruit and veggie shopping but also on the hunt for the @alphabethunt contest run by @barbara-orenya and this week begins the hunt for letter "I" so follow us down the aisles and see what we can find starting with the letter "I" honestly this reminds me of the little games we use to play as kids , i spy with my little eye i am sure we have all played this game at some stage of our childhood life anyway lets move on.

Before we ever started the hunt for letter "I" we already knew it was going to be a challenge finding almost next to nothing in fruits and veggies mainly because what we found on google was either not in our country or wasn't in season but google did help us in another way and we were surprised in what it was showing for this letter so here we go the first vegetable that came to mind and was the most obvious...yes the Iceberg lettuce which i think we are all familiar with. It is a leafy vegetable mainly used in salads but can also be seen in other kinds of food like in soups , sandwiches and also used for wraps.





The ilama fruit is a tropical fruit which grows on the ilama tree ... yep keeping it simple ilama fruit , ilama tree the fruit has a bumpy skin texture it can be a pale green to deep pink or even purple skin and the fruit taste sweet like eating a custard cake. This ilama fruit is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and also contains lots of proteins and fibers.






The Italian sweet red onion is more of a mild sweeter flower onion and not overpowering goes great on pizzas and raw in salads is great as it has more of a tender sweet layer.




One of my favorite herbs and used worldwide is the Italian Basil which i have growing in my backyard to use in many of my Italian dishes that my wife and myself cook regularly. I can't begin to tell you the health benefits the Italian Basil has it's packed with vitamin A , C and K . The oils that are extracted from the Italian Basil are used to treat skin infections , cuts and wounds.





And here we have a Triple-Hint the Italian Tomato Salad Recipe mixed with some Italian Sweet Red Onion and some Italian Basil making my mouth water up just writing about this it's simply just a delicious recipe so good and healthy for you add a bit of Basil oil and vinaigrette if you desire.





And for the final we have the Italian Sweet Peppers these guys are also great chopped up in salads also used for stuffing various filling inside the pepper once it is clean out of it's stem and seeds then roasted in the oven with the filling inside the Italian Sweet Pepper and they are not a hot pepper.





Thank you @barbara-orenya for this fun and educational challenge 😊

#alphabethunt hosted by @barbara-orenya

#marketfriday hosted by @dswigle

#fruitsandveggiesmonday hosted by @lenasveganliving





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Thank you @deerjay very kind of you 😊

That's cool and fun that you do the challenge with your wife so to speak 😁 and that it is is located in the fruits and veggies shop...!

Well, you cheat a bit with italian this and italian that...😄 you made it for 4 italian veggies nevertheless ! 😂

Thank you @barbara-orenya it is nice having my wife along to help me out and we do have fun doing this challenge.

Haha , it was a tough one i tried to stick to my trend of fruits and veggies but there were not enough fruits and veggies starting with the letter "I" you can blame google for the cheating because google put me up to it 😂 😂

I'm all on blaming Google for everything 😁

Haha , i like your approach i agree am i forgiven then 😂

ok, till next time 😁

Ohhh, thank you your so nice 😊

If you didn't post so beautiful landscapes and seascapes I would call you Veggie Man from now on 😁

The letter I was quite hard in regards to vegetables or fruits, but you have found some nice I words and proper photos. Although you cheated a bit, I don't mind, because I have never heard of the Ilama Fruit and the Italian Salad looks delicious 😀

Cheers and !BEER

I do prefer you call me the Sealand man because i love nature more hehe 😊

And you are right it was quite hard but i wanted to stick with my trend but was not really possible with this letter and i was looking at the letter "J" it's going to have the same problems in regards to fruit and veggies might have to change my tactic on "J"

Well, Sealand Man, I am looking forward to your J post. You have chosen this veggie road, but I think nobody would mind if you'd leave it ... if it's too hard for you 😂

Fot me it's almost bedtime and in Down Under it is already early morning - so, good morning and have a great day @kohsamui99🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Haha , yeah i like that name Sealand it rhymes well , to be honest i may have to go down a different path with "J" there is probably one fruit that i can think of starting with J but no veggies i will need to do something different this week we will see 😊

Have a great weekend @johannpiber talk soon 👍

I have also thought, but you are very right, there are not many fruits or vegetables that start with J, and I am curious what you will come up with 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend too @kohsamui99 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Oh well a couple of beers over the weekend and something will come to me and we will discuss J over the bbq and see what my team of drunks come up with...lol 😂

I had the best ideas after a few !BEER but fortunately I never realized them, because when I looked at them when I was sober they didn't sound that good anymore ;) lol
But finding good words is another thing that will certainly work for you 😂

We always seem to come up with the best ideas when we have had a few way out of the box and then the next day damn what was i thinking or we have totally forgotten 😂

Coming up with the magical words i think is the easy part it's finding the photos to match them is were the problem lies.

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I love that you kept everything in a food group here @kohsamui99! It looks like I could make a very nice lunch so you could also say that these are ingrediants for a wonderful meal! Well done!! 💖

Thank you @deerjay i have been trying to stick with my trend of fruits and veggies but this letter "I" was challenging so i had to add a simply recipe also which is actually a nice healthy lunch snack like you said i have that almost everyday with my fresh tomatoes and basil that i grow in my backyard 😊

You're most welcome @kohsamui99! Home grown is the best! 😉

Thank you @deerjay fresh is the best doesn't get any better then that 👍

A neat way to do the selection with fruits and veggies. The Italian Tomato Salad Recipe looks delicious. Iceberg lettuce I know but ilama fruit is new to me.

Trying to stick with my trend of fruits and veggies but they do get challenging to find like this one wasn't many fruits and veggies starting with letter "I" . The ilama fruit also know as the custard apple is a very sweet delightful fruit if you ever get to try it 👍

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Thank you @redheadpei very kind of you 😊

Here in my country we call. Ilama Kidney, it is a delicious fruit that in season I do not miss the opportunity to eat a lot.

Also a appropriate name it does resemble a kidney and i love this fruit also 👍

Very nice taking us down the aisle @kohsamui99, great seeing so much fresh produce! I've never seen this fruit before, really interesting all the different fruits we have all over the world not so:)

My pleasure @lizelle i love seeing and tasting different fruits and veggies from around the world every time i travel i make a point just to do that 👍

Wow! You have been tearing through these letters, one by one! Please tell me you have used a couple of trips to the market, otherwise, I will be accusing you of hoarding food.


I have to admit, you are very inventive in your subjects! :) I do like your tomato and Italian Basil salad. Yes, please! I was a tad jealous when I saw your iceberg as mine almost never looks that amazing, except this year, for some reason, has brought me the best I have ever seen.

You are really doing well on this hunt and, of course, I look forward to seeing more!

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!tip .20

Haha , no we never over buy we made a day out of it we do a nice lunch in town with the wife and then of to the fruit market play our spy games in the supermarket this is marking shopping more fun lately. This supermarket or fruitshop does seem to get the best quality of fruist and veggies he even sells half of iceberg lettuce cause they are so big.

I do think this week is going to be a real challenge with letter "J" i have googled to see what fruits and veggies start with that letter but it's not looking good let's see how we go 😊

You have a great weekend @dswigle and thank you for your lovely comment and tip. 😊

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Thank you @dswigle very kind of you 😊

Awesome and bright photos! I have tasted the "ILAMA FRUIT". I never asked what it was called, but I liked the sweet pulp/meat of the fruit. The downside for me is that this fruit has a thousand seeds inside one fruit. And you are constantly having to remove the seeds from your mouth. Perhaps I was not eating it correctly?
I started to chuckle... you cracked me up with the "Italian" veggies. I guess I can all all my veggies "California" too, hehehe!
Great show, my friend @kohsamui99, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

They are a sweet yummy fruit they are also know as the custard apple and you were eating it right you can make a nice pebble garden out of them mixed with a few different color pebbles.

Haha , blame google for that it led me down the right path it suggested Italian this and Italian that ..lol.. but glad it bought a chuckle to you 😂 😂

Have a great day @silversaver88 😊