On The Hunt for Letter "H" !!

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Yesterday my wife and myself were back at the supermarket doing our fruit and veggie shopping but also on the hunt for the @alphabethunt contest run by @barbara-orenya and this week begins the hunt for letter "H" so follow us down the aisles and see what we can find starting with the letter "H" honestly this reminds me of the little games we use to play as kids , i spy with my little eye i am sure we have all played this game at some stage of our childhood life 🤣 anyway lets move on.

Let's start of with the "Hairy Melon Vegetable" this vegetable is used in many Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines it looks like a Zucchini only it's hairy and the other interesting fact is that the Zucchini belongs to the squash family were as the Hairy Melon belongs to the gourd family.


They say the Hairy Melon vegetable is a very refreshing vegetable to consume on warm days it has various cooling properties and apart from having many beneficial vitamins it also helps eliminate heartburn.


The "Hass Avocado" there are a few types of avocados and you may wonder well they all look like avocados to me but there is the smooth skin and the bumper skin avocados such as the Hass Avocado this avocado is richer in taste is considered great for the skin and much healthy as it contains less fat then the other types of avocados and again these avocados have many beneficial vitamins.



The "Hot Chili Peppers" well we all know how world wide these are used in many recipes around the world and you know what i learned today about Hot Chili Peppers they are not a vegetable they are a fruit belonging to the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The Hot Chili Peppers are related to the eggplant , tomatoes and cherries that is amazing to know i would have thought related to eggplant , tomatoes but not related to cherries that's from one extreme to the other burning hot to sweet it blows me out.


Now let's go to some thing that is really sweet the "Honeydew Melon" this is one fruit that i could eat all day and now this is really classed as a fruit and not a vegetable before we get to confused here 🤣


This Honeydew is full of good potassium a fruit that will help you keep your blood pressure levels in order.


Here we have the very tasty "Hazelnuts" used in many ways but for me i love hazelnut ice-cream and i think many would agree with me here but also they are high in nutritious great in aiding for your joints , bones and muscles also great for your body skin.


And last is amazing tasting "Herbs" these we absolutely can not go without in flavoring our foods whether it is sprinkled over our foods or added into our recipes it is a must where would we be without our Herbs.


Italian Basil and Thai Basil Herbs.


Herb Parsley.


Herb Mint.



Thank you @barbara-orenya for this fun and educational challenge 😊






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You're welcome as always @kohsamui99!
cheers, liz

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I want to have all vegetables in your post. Some vegetables here not have.

Really you not have some i will have to send you some seeds 🌞 👍 🌴

So, why am I not surprised that you posted some food? Because I knew you would find some vegatable or fruits which fit to the hunt for the letter H, but I didn't think you find so many 😉

Cool and very healthy post, @kohsamui99, I haven't known hairy melons before. Hass is a strange name for a fruit, because in German Hass means hate.

Cheers and !Beer

They are starting to think i am losing it every time i go on the hunt for fruits and veggies at this supermarket they must be thinking why is this guy so interested in taking photos of fruits and veggies all the time he is here but who cares i am getting what i need i normally look them up on google and make a list so i will know what i am looking for which makes it easier luckily i have been getting lucky in finding them all the time...lol 😊

Amazing how different words mean something different things in another language 🤣

Haha, I can imagine that - if I'd photograph all things in a supermarket their manager would certainly ask me what I'm doing and then think the same as yours might think ;) lol
But I have to admint that the idea is really great 👍

Have a great day my friend ... and one more !BEER 🙂

He is a cool manager i told him i am making him famous on hive he said what the bloodily hell is hive after i gave him a short explanation he was alright with that and told him if i win i would thank him with a couple of Heineken beers he drinks Heineken beer in Australia...lol 🤣

Let's hope then that you'll win, but I don't think with one Hive prize money you won't be able to buy many Heineken !BEER but of course, I don't know the price of Heineken beer in Australia ;)

You are right i would need about 20 hives to buy one Heineken beer but he always gives me big discounts so he will be worth it 👍

Well, there are still a few letters left - let's see if you are lucky and win every week 😉

Cheers and !BEER

True we have a long way to go yet don't know about winning every week but i am enjoying this contest and am learning more about fruits and veggies that i didn't take notice of before and tasting a few 👍

Have a great day @johannpiber 😊

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Hey @kohsamui99, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @kohsamui99, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you @johannpiber much appreciated 😊

It is lovely to see all the words related to food and now I am really hungry. LOL
Honeydew melon is something I can eat everyday too. 😀

Congratulations to your dolphinhood! 🐬

Thank you @nelinoeva that Honeydew would get anyone hungry glad you like my post 👍

Dolphihood not sure what it means will have to read about it but thanks anyway.

A fruits and veggies collection with H ! well done @kohsamui99 🤭

Thank you @barbara-orenya you have some really funny gif love them 😊

Another great roundup of some yummy plants! I've never heard of the hairy melon before. Always fun to learn something new!

Thank you @plantstoplanks this supermarket has a great variety of all fruit and veggies i have seen this hairy melon here many times before but have never tried it myself must do some day.

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nice entry! especially the melon and hazelnuts. cheers!

Thank you @qwerrie hazelnuts are the best 👍

I like hunting for your letters in the market.

Thank you @truelovemom i am seemingly been lucky in finding what i need just hope the luck keeps going 😊

Markets do seem a great place for this 👍

Oh, I love it when you and the wife take us shopping, especially with the alphabet hunt going on!

The letter H was sure a challenge! I got stuck on those hairy melons. Hairy melons! Really? I am not sure I could eat them. Well, perhaps if I was hungry. :) I love the different avocados and I haven't experimented enough with them to see which I like better or if I like them all the same.

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It sure has been fun and every Sunday we go shopping at this supermarket we hope to find some fruits or veggies with that letter so far we have been pretty lucky but looking at "I" for this week coming i think is going to prove real challenging but fun again let's see how we go.

Thank you for your lovely comment and the kind tip and i will in future add @marketfriday at the bottom of the post also thank you for pointing that out 😊

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