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RE: Alphabet Hunt Challenge ~ Letter W

in Feel Good3 months ago

I can't remember how we have called the Whirligigs, but I think it was something like helicopters, as you said too.

Another successful hunt is over for you, @deerjay, I love all your W words images 😊
Of course, Sylvester's Wiskers are my favourite and spider Webs are amazing pieces of art work, aren't they?

Cheers and !BEER


Thank you very much @johannpiber!! They sure bring back some fun memories of carefree days! 😄
I don't think my photos of Sylvester's whiskers do her They are so long and the white really stands out with her black or mostly black coat. 😉
They sure are and I absolutely loved your entries!! They were amazing!! 💖

Yes, white whiskers look great on a black cat. I remember the whiskers of our old cat which have been like long white needles 😄

You are most welcome, @deerjay, and I thank you very much, have a wonderful weekend 🌞😊

Cheers and !BEER

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