PhotoChain Challenge 44th Edition

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Congrats to the two winners!
@Melinda010100 with HAT and @Adinapoli with SLEEPING!!!

This is really not an easy combination, and I hope this photo is relevant... OK, let me explain my photo...

This is my eldest girl, Halley putting part of her dolls to sleep... So SLEEPING is covered...

As for the HAT, see the baby doll at the left, the one that Halley is holding with her left hand... That's her first doll named Baby Hailey (almost like her name), Baby Hailey is wearing a HAT! Yup... So HAT is covered too... 😁😁😁

And my word is DOLL.

For more info and guidelines to this PhotoChain Challenge, check out @davidesimoncini post here.

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Nice entry, dear Eliza. I gladly accept your photo. Welcome in this week edition :)