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RE: Chasing the G - AlphabetHunt for the G

in Feel Good6 months ago

I love all of these @johannpiber and that is an excellent photo of your grasshopper! I especially love The Great Soča Gorge..absolutely gorgeous! 💖


Thank you so much, @deerjay, this grasshopper was a lucky shot, because at first I wanted to take a photo of the flower 😉

I love the Soča river and hopefully I find the time and good weather to drive there as soon as possible to get fresh photos of this gorge and the river.
The borders to Slovenia are open again and the only thing that stops me from going there is the bad weather.

Thanks again for your kind words, @deerjay, I appreciate your comment very much.
Have a great day and a wonderful week 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

You're very welcome @johannpiber! I hope the weather improves for you very soon! 💖

Thank you @deerjay 👍🙂***
Cheers and !BEER

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