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RE: 70 Hive have been won in the Feel Good the last winners ! 😊 [ENG-FR]

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Thank you so much @barbara-orenya!! I can see how much you have put into this post and the #alphabethunt contest and everything is so much appreciated! A couple of times I've felt like leaving Hive if only for a while but doing #alphabethunt has been one of the things that kept me here and took my mind off of some bad stuff happening in my life. Not for the chance of winning hive but for the fun, the people and you so thank you! Congratulations to @ireenchew, @suzana72, @redheadpei and @gingbabida but also congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to doing the letter P and wishing you a beautiful and safe vacation!! πŸ’•

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Thanks Dee for the congrats. Alphabet Hunt is a great challenge and has kept us all thinking about words starting with the weekly letter.

I’m happy you didn’t throw in the towel on Hive Dee. You are one of my longest and dearest friends here. :)

It has been fun seeing what others come up with and who comes up with the same. I think ocean had a lot of entries for 😊
I surely want to be here for the rest of #alphabethunt and we have some interesting letters coming up soon. I feel the same about you too Jo! I started to worry about you when you were gone for a few days and almost sent you a dm but then saw that you went to visit your sister. Lol..I'm such a mess! 😊 πŸ’•

Ocean was a favorite and I also had it in my picks-Great minds :)

I hope you are feeling better today Dee. ❀️ know I was thinking it! I feel a little better today..for me it has been a physical, mental and Spiritual thing. I should probably just leave it at that for now. Much love..πŸ’ž

Thank you so much for your words @deerjay , this makes me feel happy and motivated, we all have to find our own reasons to stay, and if the beautiful interaction we have all can be a motivation and doing some entertaining challenge can bring us the energy to go on, everything is then worth the time and the work, thanks a lot Dee !! 😘

Most welcome! πŸ’ž