Alphabet Hunt Challenge ~ Letter F

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This is my entry in the Alphabet Hunt Challenge by @barbara-orenya. You can read more about the Alphabet Hunt and how to join in HERE!

Here are my six entries for the letter F

I caught this firefly on a leaf in my garden one morning. You may also know them as lightning bugs. I remember, as a young child, collecting lightning bugs and putting them in jars, of course my mom always released them afterwards. It was also neat when one would get into the house and make a little glowy spot in the night!


Forsythia is one of the first flowers to show up in the Spring here. I just love their sunny disposition. Ahhh..I do wish that they could stay in bloom just a little longer than they do. I might actually say that about most flowers though and who could blame me!


I took this photo of a gentleman surf fishing on the beach at Ocean City, Maryland. It was the early morning and the sun was shining bright. This is one of my favorite photos from that visit to Ocean City!


From a warm sunny day to a cold one..I bring you frost! I had two photos that I took at different times of the day and put them in this little collage. I think the tiny ice crystals are kinda magical looking!


Fairy - Faery - Faerie...
Speaking of magical...this is a little Fairy statue that I have that I did some edits to. I had to give her a proper magical look after all! 😉


Full Moon
I took this photo of a full moon in December of last year. Did you know that the full moon's have names? This December full moon is known as the Cold Moon. It may also be known as Long Night Moon and Moon Before Yule. I think I will always know it as the Cold is in December after all...brrr! ❄️


"That's a wrap" for another edition of #alphabethunt! 😁
Thank you @barbara-orenya for #alphabethunt!!



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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 8 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you very much @pixresteemer!! 💞

Always a pleasure dear 😘

What a great selection of subjects starting with "F". I found what we had in common, our Fairy. Well done Dee.

Thanks so much Trudee!!'s been fun seeing what friends have chosen for their selections! 😊 💕

excellent. simply as that.

Thank you very much @qwerrie!! 💖

I love your choice Dee. 😀
I haven't seen fireflies for a very long time. I even did not know how they might look at day time.
Brilliant capture of the Moon!

Thanks Neli!! I don't see them here as much as I did when I was young. I think some of that is due to construction. There was also a wooded area near my childhood home too. Not quite as wooded now but there are still more fireflies there than here. I used to love camping and seeing them at night in the fields. It was very pretty. 😊

I haven't seen Fireflies for ages and never in daylight. Maybe I have, but I certainly haven't realized that these were Fireflies ;)
The silhouette of this Fisherman looks cool - somehow I had thought it was an evening shot though 😉
Frosty ice crystals are beautiful and it is always fascinating me when I see them grow on a window, although I hate them on my windscreen ;)

All in all you have collected a very nice selection of F words, @deerjay 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you very much @johannpiber!! Lol..they don't do much glowing during the day either. 🙂
I had to go back to my photos that day to double check it myself after you said that.That photo came after I was trying to catch the full moon the night before.😉

You're very welcome, it was a pleasure for me, @deerjay 🙂
Of course I believe you - I had this thought when I saw the photo before I read the text 😉
Have a nice afternoon 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

That was really for my sake @johannpiber I started thinking maybe it wasn't morning and once my mind goes there then I have no choice but to double check, luckily, the moon helped me figure it out though. 😉 💕

Haha, I didn't ask what you had to drink that day, but if it was morning you could only have had a virtual !BEER 🍺😉
I wish you a great day and take care, @deerjay 🙂

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Thanks so much @tipu and @johannpiber!! 💖

Beautiful collection of F @deerjay ! I realized watching at your firefly that I had never seen one !...well, I have already seen some that were lighting the night, but I don't know how they look like in their day form... 😄

Thanks so much @barbara-orenya!! It is very pretty when there are a lot of them around and they are lighting up the darkness. I do prefer their glowy night 😉

of course, they are more exceptional and noticeable in their night version 😉

Fireflies and fairies and fullmoons... These are a few of my favorite things! ❤️
Great collection of F photos!

Thank you very much Melinda!! I love the way you put that! I tried to keep it a bit magical. 😉 💕

You did it wonderfully! I love the theme!

I also remember catching fireflies and calling them lightening bugs. There doesn't seem to be as many around now but I have seen a few here.

The fairy is a good one and you made her look magical. All around great selections Dee.💞

Thank you very much Jo!! I do wonder if some of them disappearing is due to construction but possibly also pollutants. In my case it could also be my eyes aren't as good as they used to be and I'm lazy to put on my glasses. 😉

I love the fairy, to bad you didn't find a live one hehe. I miss fireflies, I use to find them constantly when I was younger.

Thanks so much @dreamingirwin!! I wish but I hear that fairies can be a "handful"! 😁

And for me it is also your best choice for this letter hunt, the surfer knight is my favorite.

Thanks @truelovemom!

That's a lovely selection i especially love the Forsythia Flower it just looks so vibrant good luck in the contest @deerjay 👍

Thank you @bigsambucca!! It is a flower that I'm always happy to see to welcome Springtime! 😊

That is true it's always the start to many warmer days to come ☀️

Can i ask have you tried posting today are you on desktop or mobile app because i cant post on desktop at the moment ?

Hi @bigsambucca!! I literally just typed that to another user that I've had some issues this morning. I use strictly desktop and peakD worked great for posting this morning. I couldn't do anything on esteem and had an small issue on hive. I saw that hiveblocks was down so figured it was a site problem. 😏

Yep it was problems with the nodes i gave up and got into watching a movie on TV but all good again this morning.
Thanks for letting me know and hope all is well with you @deerjay 😊

You're very welcome! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Thank you @deerjay and you have a lovely weekend too 😎

beautiful collection! frost and full moon, and firefly, are the highlights for me. I see here a poetical approach :)

Thanks so much @qwerrie!! I'm happy you picked that up. The letter F was a fun one for sure! 😊