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RE: The very last #AlphabetHunt letters X,Y and Z- and the winners of the W lucky draw ! [ENG-FR]

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Thanks @barbara-orenya for the kind award. So happy to win on my first entry. Congrats to all the other winners! I got addicted to watching your drawings, loving them all, the wonkies, elephants, cat, bird, whale... I wish I got lil bit of art talent in me to be able to do what you are doing. I will be hunting the final alphabets soon. For this final huntings, I wish to try to make it my best showcase. Good Luck to all participants! Have a Nice Day all and take care, cheers, ainie

bunny.png for your appreciation and nice comment @ainie.kashif 😉 Looking forward to see you final hunt ^_^


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Thank you very much.

Your hunt trophies are as usual very lovely with your distinct art leading the way. I just love them, especially the Blue Wonkie meditating while doing Yoga ha ha.

The final hunt. I just hope I can do a good job with this. Still finalizing my list. Been very busy with work schedules lately and have not been too active in Hive as I would like to.

Have a great week and weekend ahead!

smileycat_thank_you.png also @gems.and.cookies and congratulations for your win ! 😉