#AlphabetHunt letter W- and the winners of the lucky draw [ENG-FR]

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Hello alphabet hunters !

This week we're chasing words starting with the letter W, and as we now almost reach the end of the alphabet, I can confirm that next week it will be a XYZ hunt 😉Cette semaine, nous recherchons des mots commençant par la lettre W, et maintenant que nous sommes presque à la fin de l'alphabet, je peux confirmer que la semaine prochaine ce sera une chasse XYZ 😉
So we group these last three letters and you can come up with 6 words starting with X Y and/or Z, while trying to find words in each, as far as possible 😊 ...do not only propose Y, try to propose in X and Z too ...😉Nous regroupons donc ces trois dernières lettres et vous pouvez proposer 6 mots commençant par X Y ou Z, tout en essayant de trouver des mots dans chacune, dans la mesure du possible 😊 ... ne proposez pas seulement Y, essayez de proposer en X et Z aussi ... 😉
but for now we will perform the W-hunt and this is a letter with endless possibilities so I hope you'll have fun !😉mais pour l'instant, nous allons effectuer la chasse au W et c'est une lettre aux possibilités infinies alors j'espère que vous vous amuserez bien ! 😉

Now here is my own W hunt :



The magician always has some potions on him, but we can recognize him especially by his big pointed hat.Le magicien a toujours quelques potions sur lui, mais on le reconnait surtout à son grand chapeau pointu
... even if we meet them rather rarely 😁...même si on en rencontre plutôt rarement 😁
I could also call him a Warlock..but I think this one is more a wizard...😉




A double shot here thanks to the magnificent snowy Winters of our mountains ...Un coup double ici grâce aux magnifiques hivers enneigés de nos montagnes...
we have ski resorts a few kilometers from where we live and i have to say that i enjoy the snowy landscapes much more than the snow in town ... luckily we have very little snow in town in recent years, but beautiful snowy mountains areas that we can enjoy at leisure ... 😊nous avons des stations de skis à quelques kilomètres de chez nous et je dois dire que j'apprécie beaucoup plus les paysages enneigés que la neige en ville...heureusement nous avons très peu de neige en ville ces dernières années, mais de magnifiques montagnes enneigées dont nous pouvons profiter à loisirs...😊




In our region it's easy to find walnuts in the countryside on the side of the roads or in the fields ...Here fallen from the tree,Il est aisé chez nous de trouver des noix à la campagne sur le bord des routes ou dans les champs...Ici tombée de l'arbre ,
and below still in its envelope on the branch ...et ci-dessous encore dans son enveloppe sur la branche...





this watch is very old isn't it ..? it is also called a pocket watch 😉cette montre est très vieille n'est-ce pas..? on l'appelle aussi une montre à gousset 😉
It is quite possible that she stopped giving the time a long time ago ... I found it as a decorative element at the museum of the scrap-metal poet , a weird and wacky placeIl est bien possible qu'elle ait arrêté de donner l'heure il y a bien longtemps...je l'ai trouvée comme élément décoratif au musée du poète ferrailleur




Here is a rather unique whale, and I am sure to be the only one to show such a happy smiling one 😁Voici une baleine un peu particulière, et je suis sûre d'être la seule à en montrer une aussi joyeuse 😁
its second characteritic for the hunt is that this whale was been painted a few years ago with my watersoluble wax pastels 😉tableau peint il y a quelques années avec mes crayons à la cire aquarellables 😉




These characters that I created several years ago are the Wonkies, also known as BlueWonkies since most are blue ...Ces personnages que j'ai crées il y a plusieurs années sont les Wonkies, connus aussi sous le nom de BlueWonkies puisque la plupart sont bleus...
but some are also "nude" 😄mais certains sont nus également 😄


They are the most joyful and generous people you can meet, they never complain, which in itself already makes of them out of the ordinary beings ... 😉😄Ils sont les personnages les plus joyeux et généreux que vous puissiez rencontrer, ils ne se plaignent jamais, ce qui en soit en fait déjà des êtres peu ordinaire...😉😄


Voilà les amis ...it's up to you now ! / Voilà les amis ... à vous de faire à présent !

This week, you were still 26 participants !Cette semaine, vous avez été encore 26 participants !

@adinapoli @elizacheng @johannpiber @melinda010100 @isabelpena @redheadpei @oks2crypto @txatxy @suzana72 @kneelyrac @kawsar8035 @ireenchew @long888 @nelinoeva @amandaj @gems.and.cookies @deerjay @gingbabida @bigsambucca @annephilbrick @mers @qwerrie @lizelle @kohsamui99 @libertycrypto27 @ninahaskin

and here is the draw that I carried out among the 25 that posted in time in the Feel Good communityet voici le tirage au sort que j'ai effectué parmi les 25 qui ont posté dans les temps dans la communauté Feel Good ,
which was not compulsory for the challenge, but a prerequisite for the drawce qui était non obligatoire pour le challenge, mais un pré-requis pour le tirage



so the five lucky winners areLes cinq gagnants sont donc

@ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzana72 @isabelpena @annephilbrick

and will each receive 1 hiveet recevront chacun 1 hive



Here are the simple guide lines of the game :

Make a post with 6 of your own photos representing an object or concept that begins with the letter of the weekFaites un post avec 6 de vos propres photos photos représentant un objet ou concept qui commence par la lettre de la semaine
* if you post in the Feel Good community (hive-190931 as first tag for those who post from eSteem) you will participate in a random draw rewarding 5 people with 1 Hive each* si vous postez dans la communauté Feel Good (hive-190931 comme 1er tag pour ceux qui postent depuis eSteem) vous participerez à un tirage au sort récompensant 5 personnes de 1 Hive chacune
* use the hashtag #alphabetHunt and call me @barbara-orenya with a mention + leave your link in comment below this post so that others can see it too and have an easy access to it ?* utilisez le hashtag #alphabetHunt et mentionnez-moi @barbara-orenya + laissez votre lien en commentaire sous ce post pour que d'autres puissent le voir et accèder également à votre post ?
You have until next Wednesday 10pm UTC to postVous avez jusqu'à mercredi prochain 10pm UTC to post
And most importantly : Have fun, enjoy this hunt and make sure your readers also have an enjoyable moment discovering your trophy images !Et le plus important : Amusez-vous, prenez du plaisir à cette chasse et faites en sorte que vos lecteurs aient aussi beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir vos images de trophés !



As always BlueWonkies are supporting communities !

Amazing Nature community by @adalger




Feathered Friends community by @melinda010100




Always a Flower community by @dswigle




Market Friday by @dswigle




Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya




Not a single of your W words had come to my mind when I was thinking which words I could post this week … wonderful 😀

That's another lovely post from you, Barbara, great words and cool images 😃
Have I already told you that I love the dreamy style of your photos? ... and your characters are first class beauties anyway 😊

Cheers and !BEER

smileycat thank you.png much for your kind appreciation @johannpiber ! There are a lot of words starting with W in english, that's great if we have a large scale of selections in this hunt ! 😊
If it would have been in French, I would have been obliged to gathered the W with the X,Y and Z for sure !😄


You're most welcome Barbara, wish you a nice evening 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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I totally agree with you about @barbara-orenya's dreamy images @johannpiber, very apt description! They are stunning!

Thank you @Lizelle 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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What a lovely W collection! 😍 I haven't seen a walnut in a tree yet. Hope to see one in person. That white winter gives me chills. Grrrrr. 😱 But I enjoy the happy whale! Hahaha! 😂

Haha ! I'm not too impatient about winter too and I love Fall, but we already have cold weather and I find it is way too early 😄
Thanks much for your comment @gingbabida !


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I am sure you will become a whale soon and you will be the most joyful one.
Wonderful selection of words. Wonkies are for sure your trade mark. And all the other photos are great.

And here is my post


But I think to make one more with leftovers.

haha Thank you whale.png from the happy whale I wish to become one day ! 😁


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intresting leftovers are always welcome. more then welcome, awaited, hehe! now move on to your post.

What a delightful post! Along with your classically beautiful pictures, which are always so stunning oh, you managed to pull a plethora of w out of your hat.

Always glad to see when you're wonderful Wonkies are at work, making me smile, every time.

Your alphabet hunt has been exceedingly successful and I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next!

Upped and reposted

!tip .20

Thank you snail.png my dear @dswigle 😊 Yes xwe had a lot of fun with this entertaining game, and I have of course some ideas in mind for the future...after making maybe a little pause 😉😁
I wish you a wonderful sunday my sweet friend !

Thank you!! You deserve a break and I can hardly wait to see what is next!

Denise, why don't you take part yourself? it is such a lovely creativity playground. tempting and challenging and engaging and entertaining and competitive... er?
@dswigle !ENGAGE 20

I would have loved to! I love Barbara @barbara-orenya and have known her for years, however, working full time plus running my own challenge gives me so little tine nowadays!

Posting seems to take me forever. But, I try to come over and support her. Because it looks like a lot of fun! Thanks! Have a great day! Thanks for the engage!


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working full time

heh... we all are busy bees, indeed.. yes, a lot of fun (you are missing, note it! already missed! as we see already the tail of this Big Fluffy Pink Elephant er... well, challenge!)



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Great selections words @ninahaskin. well done.

Another round of wonderful W words for the
Alphabet Hunt and I admit I chuckled when I read about the nude Wonkies!

Congratulations to the winners
of the V Alphabet Hunt round
@ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzana72
@isabelpena @annephilbrick

Thank you very much @ninahaskin 🥰

You're welcome, Suzana!✌

Thank you dear 😉 let's have fun with our last hunts !

Yes, definitely! I, for one, will be suffering withdrawal symptoms after we reach the last Alphabet Hunt and unlike the names of hurricanes, we cannot resort to the military alphabet (or can we? haha) @barbara-orenya

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 27 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Seen and commented - nice words 😁

Cheers and !BEER

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I forgot to congratulate the lucky winners of the draw: @ireenchew, @kawsar8035, @suzanna72, @isabelpena and @annephilbrick 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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Hey @barbara-orenya, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Congrats to the winners of the draw; @ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzanna72 @isabelpena @annephilbrick.

Lovely selections Barbara. I’m glad you were able to use your Wonkies for the hunt.

My entry: https://peakd.com/hive-190931/@redheadpei/finding-the-ws

@ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzanna72 @isabelpena @annephilbrick
I can't seem to do any transfer yet....I'll try later on, but maybe I will have to transfer your prize tomorrow 😉

No worries..!
Totally understandable with the hardfork.

Congratulations to the Winners, I just love your gorgeous W-words!

Congrats to the winners! Here is my letter W post.

Congrats to the winners!
This is my entry

I am one winners...💃💃!
Thank you @barbara-orenya.
Congratulations to
@ireenchew @kawsar8035
@suzanna72 @isabelpena

Your W Photos are absolutely fantastic. I really love the

Thank you @annephilbrick and congrats to you too.

Hi hi hi! Here's my W Hunt! https://ecency.com/hive-190931/@elizacheng/feeling-good-alphabet-hunt-letter-w

Happy Hunting everyone!

Thank you much ^_^

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And you have come up with a tremendous choice of "W" i really love the White Winter a nice double hit well executed 😁

I would like to congratulate all the lucky draw winners been @ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzanna72 @isabelpena @annephilbrick and good luck with "W" 😊

Thank you friend @kohsamui99

Great choices of words. Even better photos used for illustrations. The White Winter photo I like very much. I know it looks good but to be there physically will surely be hard for one like me who is so used to the tropical climate. I also have Whale in my words. Not smiling but definitely a happy one. Love the Wonkies too.

The Witch and Walnut may be unique this week but those photos will always be yours alone. Sans egal, so they say in French. Great hunt and as we near the end of this Challenge, I hope there is more to look forward to after.

Thanks for your words of appreciation @gems.and.cookies 😉 Yes I have some ideas for the after hunt, but I will also chase for time to be on the blockchain as I will take back a day job (after two years ) from next week on, so I will see how to stay organized with less time, which means it will maybe not begin a new game just after this but probably a few weeks later...or earlier, will see 😁
Have a wonderful week-end my friend !


I have played a WW game and white winter had reminded me of a scene. Mesmerizing one!

The art is so lovely so does the hunt.

I want to say sorry for not participating in the last V hunt because I had lost some freshly taken shots from my smartphone

(I had taken some V photos via live mode feature and then unknowingly, thinking the video clip of 2-3 seconds as garbage that I found in my MX player. I had deleted all these mini clips of that duration. The photo was still there when I came back to my picture gallery and when I sat to make a post, I neither could share them via mail nor could copy them directly to my PC :( .. )

I could only say being a noob photographer I had learnt a lesson that will be helpful in the future 😊

I shared this because this is another community I love and congratulations to @ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzana72 @isabelpena @annephilbrick 👋

because I had lost some freshly taken shots from my smartphone

damn.. very sad of hearing that, really! I am not savvy with smartphones at all, and it goes just worse and worse each year the technologies develop... maybe at least you can tell what wordpicks it were? here is a little consolation prize for you, what else can I pass... a glass of !BEER


PS. what about W-s? i've shaped my post, and gonna share it today (a few minor polishes are left to do, still).

Yea, not knowing the full features had done that harm to me 😀

Yes, sure.. they were, V type dustbin, valley, voyage, quite common vegetables, visuals and victory.

No worries, I will not miss the W, gonna post mine too in a few hours from now.

I will check yours very soon and the other fab one too 😃

visuals, victory and V-dustbin sounds cool and a bit intrigue. (I picked up victory myself, too!)

yea.. 😃

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Oh so nice

Wow, love your selection on letter "W" Barbara, sorry was out of town for last week. The wizard is not one we see, white winters where I live never occur. We do see whales along our shoreline a little far out to take photographs, using your art always helps.

Congratulations to @ireenchew @kawsar8035 @suzana72 @isabelpena @annephilbrick being selected in the week.

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Congratulations to the winners: @ireenchew, @ kawsar8035, @ suzanna72, @isabelpena and @annephilbrick

My entry: https://hive.blog/hive-190931/@amandaj/alphabethunt-letter-w-eng-spa

Hi! Congratulations to the winners. This is my first entry in the contest: https://peakd.com/hive-190931/@readmymind/eng-esp-alphabethunt-letter-w-letra-w

"White Winter" is just gorgeous but I love all of your selections @barbara-orenya!! 💖
Congratulations to all of the winners! 🙂

thank you poussin.png @deerjay 😊

Most welcome @barbara-orenya!! 💕

Thank you so much for choosing my post dear @ barbara-orenya 🥰
Congratulations to the other winners... @ireenchew @kawsar8035 @isabelpena @annephilbrick 🥰
I enjoy every hunt, and I'm sorry that it's coming to an end .... it was so much fun ...
White winter is magical and we will soon enjoy it ....
Wonkies is very cute ... I wish you a nice evening ..🌌😊

Congratulations @suzana72 😉

Thank you very much @barbara-orenya ☀️

Hello @barbara-orenya and fellow alphabet hunters, here is my first try on this alphabet hunt. I am so happy to have found this challenge before the final challenge begins next week. Loving all the photos of the alphabet W that you shown here, especially that cute Pink whale :D. Thanks for organizing this awesome contest. Good Luck to all participants! Have a Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

#AlphabetHunt letter W ~ Entry Post

Thank's a lot @txatxy 😊

Thank you..!!
It was a wonderful surprise 🤗.

Yes it is 🌹

Hi, everyone

This is my entry #AlphabetHunt letter W

My Alphabet Hunt letter W entry.

Your photos are all beautiful @barbara-orenya.
I like so much the magician who looks like a good magician who came out (or escaped? :) from a fairytale book.

I like so much to participate in your beautiful contest and I never thought I would become a hunter :)

My post: https://peakd.com/hive-146620/@libertycrypto27/alphabet-hunt-6-photos-starting-with-the-letter-w-eng-ita


I've already seen a lot of posts for this nice contest and now I submit an entry myself:

felicidades a barbara-orenya por tan excelente creatividad y gracias por la iniciativa de este excelente concurso y suerte a todos los participantes



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I can confirm that next week it will be a XYZ hunt

Barbara, did I understand you right? you suggest us to combine X, Y and Z into one 6-words post? why, if I may ask?.. this do not look nor sympatico, neither creative for me. sounds pretty much like cheating, after all...

Well I do the rules and don't feel I owe to justify them as it is only a game, I do it alone with no help and no money is coming from anyone to make the prizes, so I feel I can do like it pleases me the most 😁
I suggest you should just do what also pleases you and just ignore this part you judge as cheating 😉
Do what you want, what would prevent you to do your posts if you want it ?

oops. well, i will do it the way to have fun, of course.. but I would like to understand your motives, too.

well truth is all was discuted through comments on posts in the last weeks and I heard the worry of most people about the difficulty of the last letters..so I promised some weeks ago already that I would think of it and come with a solution..this is not something new that appeared in one day, there were the concern of many people that I tried to find a solution,
and btw I had also my own worries concerning my implication in three difficult (I didn't say "impossible") hunts more, as I am very busy with curation and have no time for my own posts : I posted daily during 3 years and now I can barely post one or two weekly, one being the alphabet hunt, and the challenge for me is not the same as it is for you : you can do your post whenever you want in the frame of one week, and you can even decide to not do it if circonstances make that you can not...whereas I HAVE to do it and I have to do it on a specific day + during the whole week I go comment and upvote EACH posts (it's just since a week or two that I sometimes skip comment because I lack of time and energy but I always read the post from A to Z and upvote it accordingly) so this was "so far so good and so fun" but I have, in addition to all of that, found a new job to pay my bills (yes, I was living on nothing but my savings for two years after being economic fired of my job 😉) , a new job that I started yesterday, so this solution of the last hunt will also match my concerns and my lack of time and disponibility

I also think that this explanation is far too detailed and longer than I have time to devote to an answer at the moment, but I guess my reason for taking this time must be I appreciate you , but now, allow me to make myself more rare and to devote myself to my new job which should allow me to continue to not earn a cent with my art 😄

yes, a dozen of 'yes' goes your way from me. yes, it seems I missed this part of obsessions/discussions. I understand very well, all those details and circumstances (and I noticed your posts tempo decreation too). communication and engaging is VERY time consuming, the ones who are involved in it (like me) do understand that. I feel VERY happy about your new job, to hear this news. indeed, I feel your answer was more then I expected to hear, but thank you a lot, really, I wanted to hear that. now in the know. ps. for me personally, it means I should make 3 posts in one week. heh. not sure I could do that, but lets see. ppps. you have brought a very solid chunk of fun and entertainment into our Hives live, Barbara. Please never regret it, no way!! ppps. and wish me the same - this December will mark the full year since i lost my job, too. I really need to find something decent for me, to run the family.. and Hive isnt a financial solution (at least up to the date, with the low token value dinamics..), its just entertainment and time-killing. ok, cheers! and looking forward to this last week. challenge becomes more challenging!!


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I almost missed the W hunt! Pheew! Thank goodness I made it on time.


My late entry - What a Wonderful World