The very last #AlphabetHunt letters X,Y and Z. [ENG-SPA]

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My entry for the end of #AlphabetHunt, letters X, Y and Z. A tour of different alphabetized words in order. A fun proposal that included creativity, experience, vocabulary and photography. The proposal was coordinated by @barbara-orenya and supported by #Feelgood. I hope the challenge is renewed in a new idea.

Yellow territory composed of a simple flower visited by a translucent spider. On the right side an exerciser to perform anaerobic exercises.
Territorio Amarillo compuesto de una flor sencilla visitada por una araña traslucida. Al lado derecho un ejercitador para realizar ejercicios anaeróbicos.

The day before leaving Venezuela, we met on December 24 at my parents' apartment, a sentimental Xmas because the family was separating.
El día antes de salir de Venezuela, nos reunimos el 24 de diciembre en el departamento de mis padres, una Navidad sentimental porque la familia se estaba separando.

Riding a bicycle in the city is necessary to be located on the bike path. It is the Zone that they observe green with dividing lines on the pavement, symbol of the bicycle and the traffic lights to advance or stop.
Andar en bicicleta en la ciudad es necesario estar ubicado en la bicisenda. Es la Zona que observan verde con líneas divisorias en el pavimento, símbolo de la bicicleta y los semáforos para avanzar o parar.

Flannel size for the little one in the house XL.
Franela para el pequeño de la casa talla XL.

The abominable snowman or Yeti, if he exists.
El abominable hombre de nieve o Yeti, si existe.

The girl's favorite space to play was the grandparents' Yard, surrounded by nature.
El espacio favorito de la niña para jugar era el Patio de los abuelos, rodeado de naturaleza.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the final alphabet.

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A most successful end to the hunt @amandaj. Yellow has been a favorite with most of the hunters but your Zone and XL I haven’t seen in other hunts. Cute little girl in the photos of Xmas and Yard.

All great choices. I have enjoyed reading your posts.:)

Thank you, this hunt was crazy but as always genius.
Thank you for your words about the girl.
Greetings friend, @redheadpei

A great XYZ hunt! Is your family still in Venezuela? I hope everything is going well for you.

I liked this hunt because there were several lyrics but just as complicated. Everyone's favorite yellow.

Thanks for asking @melinda010100. All my loved ones who stayed in Venezuela could not leave. Only my husband, daughter and I made it. They support us and know that it is the future of the girl and of us.

I'm sure it was a heartbreaking decision for all of you. I hope the situation there changes.

Well done, you had a very good last hunt, @amandaj 😊
Of all these words I like the Yeti most, because he hides but looks so curious behind the glass 😉 ... and of course the kids, their smile is absolute adorable 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you for your words, it was an excellent contest. The yeti was fun hiding his body a bit.

All my pleasure, @amandaj, you are most welcome 😁

Cheers and !BEER

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Hey @amandaj, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks, @beerlover

A lovely grand finish nicely chosen and i do love the abominable snowman or Yeti in story books as exiting remains a mystery 😱

Thank you, @kohsamui99
This contest always motivated me.
The yeti as you say is a mystery, hence hiding the body of the doll a bit.

My pleasure and yep it certainly did motivate us but you never know what Barbara might be cooking up for us 😊

Well done nicely executed and a nice finish @amandaj we will miss this contest 😐

It is true we will miss a contest that brings together content, image and creativity. Its creator @ barbara-orenya very aesthetic her publications to call the contest.
Thank, @bigsambuca

I do think we may see something interesting coming from Barbara as another fun contest in the near future 👍