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RE: What Do Curators Look For?

in South Australia7 months ago

Wish every curators thinks and supports like you do for curangel and other account. Lately I saw some of the curation by big voter like bd , appreciator or rocky they simply supports all the shit posts and content especially the vlogs or few pic post without any head an tail....that simply hurts the hard work of other author. That made me to give up on hive....and started curating through my own hp and our Indiaunited account......I especially focus on content and the authors who made genuine effort ......though I avoid commenting but if something attracts me I simply comment on it.....for sure curating is not an easy job. And you doing the best by praising some good content...


While things have certainly improved, there will always be those whose methods we might disagree with. I think your approach to curate yourself is a positive step to take. Just do what you can to get some rewards where you feel they belong rather than letting others make you feel like walking away. Your efforts count.

Walking away is certainly not in my cards...playing around and helping others in whatever way delight me 🙂 if not more but a little lessor rewards does make thing brighten up....and ocassionally some post to make my presence felt

Good to know that. I think it would be a loss to the community not having you here. 💚

Hahah...that makes me happy...👌 Good heart like yours keep me to stick on the platform..🙂

Anyway, just curious to know...mentioning of the curators name , doesn't let user to focus on their content and comment only rather than involving and engaging overall in the community.? ...I think that as people know abt the curators they keep themselves buzzing around them and that would lead the flow one way.....just a concern 🤟


No way can we lose my flow bro!

That wins my heart..🥰
You know...Even if I want to leave the love from great soul like mini,you, artmis, and few others wouldn't let that to happen😉

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The tagging of the curators was an invite for them to add their own views, tips and points of view to the conversation (Taraz has shared above how he finds content to submit, which shows how beneficial reblogging can be). This isn't a curation post, it's to give people an idea of what curators are looking for in content and how they find content. Some of these curators rarely post themselves and are more focused on curating.

Those who are curated get celebrated and mentioned in curation compilations. Curangel posts a daily review of who they curated that day. NM, as you probably know, shares several curation posts throughout the week on the different categories they support. I'm pretty sure ocd does a daily roundup too.

Do you have more ideas on how we can celebrate and bring awareness to the content producers? It would be great to share that here.

For sure tagging some top curators will bring great insight.and views.....but at the same time there might be few users who would assume that following and engaging on such user content (curators) would benefit them....and they get regular to their post...just to get little bit of was just my assumption..may be I am wrong on my thought...

Currently I am too focusing to get some way to create awareness...and many top curators doing best by highlighting some top post by the authors...hats off to all curators who making genuine effort to search such amazing content

True, some people might assume that, which is why I am a bit hesitant and apologetic about tagging them. I know some don't like to be harassed. Part of the reason for this guide on what curators look for is also to try and explain that it's more than just about getting the attention of the right people. It's about a certain level of effort in your work. Not that everyone particularly posts with the goal of getting curated. People post for a variety of reasons.