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RE: What Do Curators Look For?

in South Australia7 months ago

Really proud of the curators like you at @naturalmedicine. Your comments really make peoples day. We might not have massive rewards but we have curators with good eyes that send them on for more love.

I really think HIVE is much better these days, though I still cant understand why some people get big rewards for a photo of their cat and a oneliner. All the time. No wonder new folk get discouraged. Supporting new users is so important here and appreciate the work you do to get them noticed.

Curators are such an important part of ecosystem. I've been trying to upvote curation posts and comment on them as it all feeds back to the little guy eventually and curators work so hard. I now go click on nearly all the featured posts in Natural Medicine to see what I missed.

Great post. I hope some new users read this to see what we are after and to know we have their back.


I can't say I come across those over rewarded posts, but then I try to avoid looking where I might find them. 😆 I hope they aren't so prominent that new users see them much.

The best part of posting, for me, is the comments. Just love coming on to all those interactions and it's disappointing when there are none. It can be draining when you've spent half a day curating, though, trying to get a tired brain in gear to add a thoughtful comment.

I think a few more curators are targeting the curation posts lately. It's a good way of spreading the curation goodness, when you only have a limited amount of VP. Build the accounts that curate and reach that bit further. A few people are working on building that middle class to even the odds a bit more. That's something else Joshman has been working on, creating more dolphins.