...and You Wonder Why People Aren't Nice Any More!


I received an email from my daughter's gymnastics club. It was discussing all the quarantine restrictions they have to comply with for fear of fines and how they plan to do things in order to make it work. On top of this, everything is being automated and they plan to be cashless by term 4.

So the gist is, you send your child in on their own, unless you absolutely have to see someone at member services. They will line up 1.5 metres apart and check in with a scan code like little robots (wonder if they have a number, too).

Over and over, authorities, businesses, governments are telling us we need to stay away from each other, unless we're in the same family. If we don't then there will be punishments of fines. The gymnastics club is repeating this mantra and over the years there have been more and more restrictions put in place for child protection, meaning you can't be seen to be comforting a child in case you're accused of molesting them. Coaches can't hug their athletes if they're below a certain age. Any parents staying to watch can't interact with their children while they're training.

It's all about segregation, keeping your distance. So after more reminders and instructions on keeping our distance the email is concluded with this paragraph:

“I do have one small request for all members of our community. If you see or hear someone in distress (especially a child) please investigate. A small child was quite distressed in the car park this week and apparently there were adults in the vicinity. I would hope we all have a sense of community to look out for each other and assist where we can. Thank you.”

So they've turned us all into automatons, made us afraid to go near people we don't know, by threat of fines, fear of deadly disease and potential accusations of abuse, then wonder why no adult approached this child and what happened to community? Are people seriously not connecting the dots?!!

I wouldn't have approached that child, certainly not on my own! What if onlookers saw you and thought the child's distress was caused by you? You're going to be in trouble for being near someone not from your family because 1.5m remember and there's a risk that someone might think you're trying to abduct or molest this child, especially if their parent turns out to be nearby, after all.

You want to know what happened to community? Segregation and fear happened. You want to know why everyone attacks one another and are no longer kind to one another? Segregation and fear!

We are so bombarded with news of the terrible things people have done, we're starting to believe that those monsters are in the majority and that you can trust no-one. So we agree that children should be removed from affection and comfort, because that's better than them falling victim to some monster, after all. We also know that we aren't one of those monsters, but that nobody else knows that, so we have to make sure we avoid being accused of doing something we have no intention of doing in order to avoid being arrested and locked up.

Community and people looking out for one another is no longer supported. It's often demonised as being a cult. People are rioting over discrimination and violence, asking why people can't just be kind, when everything in this system is setting us up to fear one another and then they are wondering where kindness and community went...



Kindness doesn't cost anything...fine me for being kind and I won't learn a lesson....well I might learn to lose faith and question the rules.

There is always hope -- The more tight the grip, the more that slips through.

I must look scary, because whenever I offer to help people they try and get rid of me as quick as they can. Unless they know me well, then they learn I can't say no and I constantly get asked for favours. 🤣

....yeah, the world is made a better place for those who help others...I would always try to help if asked (unless I feel I'm being taken advantage of)...conversely I don't blame people who won't help out, they are mostly people who have lost their way in this crazy world.

Keep setting the right example :)

That's a damn shame. I own a dojo and I can tell you it's taking a power of will I never knew I had, to go forward with what I know to be right while still doing my best to address people's fears.
We will not be pretending that wearing masks during exercise is a good idea! Luckily, my county agrees (or at least, isn't willing to take responsibility for putting a mandate on our behavior.) For now.

I hope it stays that way. Bureaucracy is developing quite the strangle hold in Australia of late.

Ignore them and tell them where to go. If we submit we are just slaves!


I felt like replying to the email to connect the dots for the sender, but no point in stirring things up when my daughter still attends the club. They probably wouldn't get it anyway.

The world was never perfect but in most countries it was nice and there was a strong sense of community and mutual support... That was until some people in some nations abused other people's kindness and figured it'd be nice and easy to scam people to satisfy their own lust and greed. That's exactly why when a person is run over in China no one goes to help. With globalisation this nastiness spread around the world and now we all end up living in a cold and horrible world

I read something about that kind of thing in China a few years ago. At the time it seemed such a callous way to be, but the more I learnt about how things are over there, the more I realised why they'd react (or should that be not react) that way.

We get exactly as much tyranny as we tolerate.

Or as much as the masses tolerate?

What puzzles me is how so few seem see cause and effect or aren't aware that balance is key.

All politics are local.

I found a loophole in our mask ordinance, hard of hearing folks don't have to wear them.
Not just deaf, specifically hard of hearing.

Kinda makes the whole thing a joke, imo.
I bet if you look at your local laws you will find similar exemptions.

Then all you got to do is demonstrate your inability to understand what you are being told to do.
Well, or submit to the tyranny.

Yes I so hear you in all of this, these are some serious crimes against humanity and people are so compliant and obedient. We are losing so much, well those who follow are. I will be keeping my tribe close that's for sure. Stay strong my friend xxxxx

I love to read about your supportive community (I get a little envious even) and I hope it continues to stay strong. ❤

I hope this won't go forever and much deeper... At the end, we are creatures of love and are "social animals", one could hardly live alone for very long... Kudos for sharing your opinion!

Pffft oops meanwhile at our club a tiny little girl (4-5 years old) who doesn't speak English very well had an issue (found out later from her mother who had seen it, basically she accidentally went the wrong way in the circuit and may have bumped into another kid), I saw her run off to the side of the floor and curl into a ball. Her coach went to see her and sat with her for a bit trying to find out what was wrong, but he kind of had to coach so I came and sat with them until the coach had to go back to coaching, then I tried to figure out what had happened and then as she was humming in response to my questions and I've seen similar things sometimes with the kids back home if they can't understand a question, I then tried tried to see if she'd come with me to go look for mum as her coach wasn't sure who her mum was, and then fortunately one of the other coaches she's familiar with swooped in to save the day and picked her up, gave her cuddles, and then mother was located and all was well with the world again.

I had actually read this well before I got around to leaving this comment and I told them the gist of the post and they were all immediately like OH WONDER WHY -_-

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