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RE: What Do Curators Look For?

in South Australia7 months ago

Reading this post a week ago would have both relieved me and upset me more than I already was. Yes, a few weeks ago I used to get very discouraged when I was trying to create a high quality post and then nobody was interested; and I got discouraged and confused at the same time because I didn't understand why there were people making such low quality posts but receiving much better ratings than me. I tried then to lower the quality of my content to just post more often, but that didn't work and made me feel worse because now I thought I was being ignored because I had lowered the quality of my posts. I remember asking myself endlessly, "WHAT THE HELL DO THESE CURATORS WANT?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND THEM!"

But luckily I recently stopped to think about things and came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth worrying about the attention of the curators, so I stopped worrying about that and started to dedicate myself to simply enjoying, appreciating good posts, leaving positive comments and congratulating everyone who deserved it.

In my last post I felt that I had to get these ideas out of my head to be even happier, so I did and this is a part of what I wrote:

"I have recently learned that when one immerses oneself a lot in this blockchain, when one creates content, curates, comments and socializes just for the sake of it, one's interests can be extended to other things. This, curiously, I have discovered this last week here, and not after two years on the platform.

The last few days I've stopped worrying about the whale votes and started spending time enjoying, appreciating the outstanding content of OnChainArt and the users I follow. I've made more comments this week than I probably have in the previous two years at Hive as a simple "content creator"; I've stopped coming to just "throw out" my posts and leave, and then come back when I have another post to throw out. I've interacted, I've socialized; and I've enjoyed it a lot."

"I've discovered that rewards are not the only way to get happy at Hive: interacting with others is too. And that's a piece of advice I give in case anyone reading this post is discouraged and feels undervalued on the platform: what you can do is worry about what you can control, and leave aside what you can't. Going to give other users the support and encouragement you would like them to give you is something you can control. You can't imagine how many people you can make their day with your comments and how much that can make your day.

Don't be discouraged if they don't give you big upvotes or leave you comments. Enjoy being a good Hiver and the rewards and comments will come."

All this was translated with the help of because I am a Spanish speaker who only knows English at an intermediate level hahaha


This is such a positive mindset to have taken! I believe that only those who find their enjoyment here end up staying and it sounds like you have. When I first came on here, there were lots of homesteaders, but we were all new and low on power. There were lots of great conversations, but the rewards weren't there. Over time those who stayed have grown and with it the rewards have come. The reason we stayed was the connections, though.