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RE: What Do Curators Look For?

in South Australia7 months ago

thanks @minismallholding so much for writing this post! in fact, my story is similar, but this is actually the first article I fully read after re-stumbling back into what I thought was steemit -> now turned hive. I couldn't believe that after 3 years of being absent, so much has changed. I am glad to see that the community is still what I remembered it from steemit: a community striving to create original and awesome content. it's a shame that I wasn't part of this community this whole time due to some life events, but posts like these make me believe that even after the hard fork, people need serious curators and original authors! My question would be: what changes have people seen since hive became what it is today compared to what it was before during steemit?


Welcome back @blackmox! 3 years!! How funny that you landed on Hive rather than Steem on your return. Perhaps it's fate. 😉

I'm actually coming up to 3 years of my Steem/Hive journey, so you may have experienced a different Steem to me. It was good for about 6 months after I started, before the community lost their way a bit. We lost a lot of good people over the next year or two, before steps were taken to try and get things back on track, towards that community you remember. Then Steem got sold out, just as things were improving and we ended up here. Glad it's coming back to the community you remember. I hope we get more people returning. There are a lot of people committed to trying to keep a supportive community and make things work.

haha! it was through a recommendation from a friend that I went to hive. thank you @minismallholding. I have really noticed a sharp decrease in the activity that steemit used to have. Besides the obvious bots / spam accounts / vote bots that I remember, there was always a valiant community effort to push good content to the top where it deserved to be. I too, will be hoping that more people will be looking to return.