Din O Dibosh: A Stressful Thursday!

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What's up buzzing bees!.
It's exactly 11:50 pm the moment I started writing this post.
You might wanna know what's keeping me up till this very moment right. Well, what do you expect from a blogger? Lol.
This is the time blogging gets rather juicy 😁🤭
But I don't think it's the juiciness that is keeping me up till now.
What's then is keeping me? Let's find out

Unfortunately for me, I had a really long day and this made me sleep in earlier than I used to, which caused me to wake up by this time and linger around the city of hive 😁
And funny enough I came here and received a very nice invite from someone to participate in a contest conducted by the @bdcommunity

I don't know how I missed this contest or even forgot about it but thanks to @starstrings01 who reminded me with his mention.

Talking about the contest, we are required to share about our day.
My Thursday had been quite a hectic one and it wouldn't be so bad to share what made it so

Well, waking up on a Thursday morning after saying my morning prayers and then doing my morning routines and house chores. Mom gave us the saddest news of our life.
She said we would be going to the farm to get farm produce (cassava) and come and process it into garri.
Now you might be wondering why that is sad news.
Why it's sad for me is that I already had my day planned out only for my mom to come and jeopardize it with such news.

I had no other option but to reschedule whatever it is I had planned out to do today and fit them some other day and time.
The funny thing is that I thought I would finish everything before the afternoon or even before the night draws near but only for me to realize that my whole day was almost taken. Now you can understand why I slept in earlier than I used to. That is because I was damn tired and exhausted. I needed the rest as not to break down.

We got the farm produce from the farm (cassava), brought it back home and we started peeling it. The farm produce is called cassava. Here is what it looks like.



After peeling it, I washed them and stacked them up in a clean basin, and kept them aside so that we will take them later to the miller to grind them.
And that is exactly what happened. After doing the normal sweeping and clearing of the portion we used while peeling the cassava, I later took the cassava to the miller to grind and press in their pressing machine.
I even got injured by a faulty basin in the process of grinding and till now the pains I am receiving from the wound or injuries are second to none.

Coming back, I was very tired and exhausted. I had a really nice bath and meal and then rested for about an hour before preparing for church. We had an evening service so I needed to attend even after being tired and exhausted.

Yeah, I went to church and I got this snap on my way returning from church. I was just busy snapping random things. I saw this flower planted by the roadside and I thought of capturing it. I did this inside a moving tricycle in case you find it a little blurry then you understand I took it while the tricycle was moving😂 I can be that obsessed with photography at times.


I got home at exactly 6:15 pm, took my dinner, wrote a contest post, and then after submitting while laying on my bed, I slept off.
This is how I slept and woke up now to find my phone still in my hands lol.
You can't blame me, can you? Yes from my day you can tell I was very tired.

Waking up, I found this contest, and I decided to participate even when it's closing in a few hours, that is if I am not even late with my participation.

I wanna invite @kemmyb to participate as well.

And to join the contest in about a few hours, click here


Hello Zanoz, hope your injury while grinding the cassava has healed well. I've always wanted to try making Filipino-style cassava cake from grated cassava but I'm rather afraid to make a mistake in the preparation that would lead to cassava toxicity. I guess garri flour is the best alternative to make this happen? Not so sure. Do you like Cassava Cake?

Cassava Cake?
I am so embarrassed to say this, I haven't heard of cassava cake before neither do I think I have tasted it 🤭
But if you do make them, please I would love to have the recipes @discoveringarni

And yeah, the pain is reducing not as severe as before, thanks for your concern

I'm sorry for missing this. Cassava Cake Recipe. Here is a recipe for Cassava Cake which is a popular Filipino dessert, hopefully, one day I manage to gather the courage to make them.

Oh thanks for going through the stress. I will check it out
Thank you!


Hmmm, your day must have been a very busy one actually.
I can imagine what it is like carrying a huge pile of cassava.

When it's fully processed I wanna help you munch it o😂, whether as garri or fufu lol.

Hehe, but it would be good to now rest easy than staying awake for so long!

You wanna munch something you didn't help with? Not good dude! Not good! 😂
Yeah very exhausting!

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