Splinterlands Quidditch [A 12 Mana Game]: The real test of skills

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Life is the second name of challenges where we try to give our best in order to keep track of our life in a smooth way. Splinterland's is also a field of challenges where you meet a different kind of challenges in the form of rulesets. And if you are skilled enough and you have the power of quick decision making with the perfect strategy then the ultimate winner is you. Sometime's when you see your opponent is strong you can go blank. It happens to me a lot when I see Bji as my opponent :P XD.

On the field of splinterlands when you discover your challenge then how you can cope with that challenge is the real beauty. Today I am here to discuss a 12 mana game. A 12 mana game itself is not a big deal. The real deal starts when you get different rulesets with 12 mana game. No matter how good a player you are but when you see the 12 mana game. For a while, you tempt to facepalm. There are many rules I've seen with 12 mana cap. I'll try to cover some of them.
Let's get started...

MY Battle [A 12 Mana Game] 🏆


battle Link

Heavy Hitters, Healed out along with 12 mana cap*

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My Strategy

When I get 12 mana game and if my death splinter is active then I go blindly with that splinter. And my winning Ratio with this line up is 98% 😉 unless your opponent is sharp enough to counter your attack. But till now I didn't get such kind of opponent. So there is that...

I chose Camila Sungazer as a summoner. Ok, you might have been wondering why Camila Sungazer and why not Zintar Mortalis? The answer is I was playing for the dragon quest. I could have used 2 mana summoner as well but I wanted to decrease -1 Melee attack of my opponent's melee attack.

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Cursed slimeball

I used Cursed slimeball in the first place. Low mana game? so people usually use small monsters. In that case, Redemption can do wonders. And it actually did what I expected from it.

gif sp.gif

Shadowy Presence

I used Shadowy Presence in the second place. As I've mentioned in my previous posts Shadowy Presence is one of the best 1 mana reward epics so far. I used it to increase the life of my other monsters as it has the strengthen ability and in addition to that, It increases +1 melee attack of your melee monsters. Although I didn't use much melee attack in this battle except Cursed slimeball.

gif sp.gif

Undead Priest
I used Undead Priest in the third place. We all know why do we use Undead Priest in our battles :P, of course, we want to decrease life and speed of our enemies that's why.

gif sp.gif

Darkest Mage

I used the Darkest Mage in fourth place. Just rust off all the security of your enemy:P. I use Darkest Mage just to rust off the armour of my opponent's monsters in case they used. Since in this battle my opponent didn't use so all is well. I was expecting life attack from my opponent as I usually get life sneak attack from my opponent in 12 mana game.


Don't follow my lineup if the rule is earthquake or monsters have 2 armour in addition. :P

gif sp.gif

Death Elemental

I used this Death Elemental in fifth place. The purpose of using this card was to decrease life and magic attack of the opponent army. Have you noticed I used Undread priest and Death Elemental to decrease life? It was 12 mana game if it was 14 mana I would have used Cryptmancer legendary summoner along with the same lineup. Along with Cryptmancer, it would have been -3 life loss to my enemy so just imagine the destruction :P

Furious Chicken
I used Furious Chicken in the last place. Why do we use Chicken in our battles? as filler? :P yep, I had an extra place so I used chicken just to fill up that extra place in addition to that it took a sneak attack from undead badger which really helped my team.

gif sp.gif

Pros and cons

As I've mentioned up there that If my death splinter is active and the ruleset is 12 mana game then 100% I go with my death team with the same lineup. My winning ratio with this line up is almost 98%. I win most of the time unless my opponent used something unusual. For example, I left a 2% exception why? It is because My opponent used prismatic energy in 12 mana game. And that alone monster took mine all team out. Darkest mage and death elemental both are magic attack monsters with low health. So magic reflect killed my monsters hence I lost that battle.

Also, I don't use this line up in certain rules such as Earthquake, protect(in this rule monsters have 2 armour in addition), Equalizer.

Some more examples of 12 mana games.

I am sharing some 12 mana battles. what can you use in the certain ruleset?

Last night while playing tournament I got 12 mana game with the rule Earthquake.. So what did I use in this rule? let me show you

Ruleset: Earthquake + no magic


Battle Link

I was given an earthquake along with no magic ruleset. I went with GELATINOUS CUBE and tower griffin. Ok, I forgot to use Furious chicken but I should have used. If I use Furious chicken then I would have used it in the first place or in the second place just to counter snipe attack. Don't use this line up in another ruleset. It is only best in earthquake rule. But there is one more rule which I've encountered. If you get certain ruleset for example healed out and an earthquake then don't use this line up because the GELATINOUS CUBE wouldn't heal itself and there is the probability of losing that battle.


Ruleset: Super sneak and taking sides means no neutral


Battle Link

In this battle, I set my monster according to the ruleset. But My opponent only used word of darkness. It was super easy to kill Lord of darkness.

gif sp.gif

Ruleset: Healed out + earthquake


Battle Link

I took this battle from the top battles log. If the rule is an earthquake and healed out you can try this lineup. In this battle, smk200 used Camila to reduce -1 melee attack of his opponent's monsters. In addition to that, he used Failed summoner too which reduced -1 melee too. So the sneak attack of his opponent was so weak he won this battle easily. I liked his strategy so I thought it is worth sharing with you guys.

I hope you did enjoy all these strategies :) That's all, for now, see y'all take care :)




fix spelling :) also your first image... the one displays the thumbnail is just the spacer bar :)

otherwise exquisite , sensei!

heheh fixed😂 thanks for the correction and thank you so much

Mehn.. Seems I have some of this cards in my collection but at lower level. This was an epic set up to defeat your opponent - the ruleset determines the approach. Even your emphasis on the earthquake ruleset is nice sometimes I hate that rule but sometimes it works for me. Lol.
Well done khan.

Holy crapoly!
That first battle (Death) line up is BOSS.
I was reading through thinking, "What is she doing!? It's only 12 mana and she's starting with a wee baby tank AND back up!?" And then... I saw the light. 😂

Abilities be the focus.
I believe you. That lineup looks legit. 98% for the win! 💪 @carrieallen

Congratulations @xawi ! You won the BDcommunity Splinterlands Quidditch contest (2nd Place).