Dcity- New Interface very Slow and laggy

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After so many days of the third edition release, I decided to purchase some third edition cards. But the new interface is so much slow and laggy. It was testing my patience level. Honestly. I've never seen such a slow interface on any gaming website. First I thought it is my network but my network was working absolutely fine

First impression when you log in to the site


All those scattered elements take quite enough time to get back to their normal condition. And it is quite annoying. I am sure I am not the only one facing this issue. Everyone who is playing this game must be having the same scenario. I like its new interface as I've mentioned in my previous dcity update post. But when I mouse hover on any icon it takes a few second to load and once they appear it takes the same time to disappear. If you have no patience the try not to use the website atm. I hope Dcitizens must have brought this issue to the knowledge of developers.


Now, this is insane.


85.73% tax is not an irony? 77% is a luxury tax. I mean I am paying 86% income tax of my total income. And wait it is not finished yet. I bought 10 third edition cards and I don't even know the use case of cards I got.




I wanted to read about the cards I got but there is no more info tab. I was trying to search since the site is very slow I gave up. I don't know the real purpose of the cards I got but I am hoping soon this issue will be resolved.

Dash board

Dashboard of dcity looking promising


That's my Dcity update and let me know if any city player facing the same issue.


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Can't send you worker... Internal Error, yeah.. maybe later.

Thank you :)

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cheers !BEER

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try to edit your city and change to static background for laggin issues.
There is something wrong with dynamic backgrounds.

Alright, thanks for the heads-up will do that asap

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The page get's faster after disabling Blockers and not using it full screen (don't ask me why). Could finally send you workers.