Manchurian Candidate [My Favorite LOLitician] : Bilawal; The Oxford Grad, Turned Politician, Turned Scientist😜😜😜

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Hello Hivians

Let me start by thanking BDCmmunity for giving us a chance to express our political feelings in a funny/sarcastic way. Contest Link

Well, the punch line is.... The politics and politicians of this era suck. Our recent history is filled with inspiring characters(politicians) like Mendella, Churchill, Jinnah and Gandhi. But, right now the world stage is filled with populist jokers like Trump, Modi, Boris, Khan etc.(Pardon if I hurt someone's feelings). I don't know, what is wrong with this world?

I constantly keep taps on political happenings in my country, and I am utterly disappointed in politicians of my country. I mean the whole lot, completely sucks. Zero grace, no character and vision-less.

Pakistani politicians had a great legacy to follow, in the form of their founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a man of integrity, character and principles. And it breaks my heart to see, how our politicians have failed to capitalize on the foundations set by Jinnah and follow his footsteps.

Lets move to funny/sarcastic part of the Pakistan's Politics or it's players to be exact. When it comes to stupidity there is no shortage of Politicians here in Pakistan. Most of the politicians here are competently nonsense, but some are even funny.


The character under my spot light is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He is an Oxford graduate with little regard for basic human rights like uplifting living standard, freedom of speech, education and other amenities. And icing on the cake, he is a funny character. Trust me, being stupid and funny, is part of his charm.

Aside from his feminine looks and accent, the spoiled lad is also a show off and complete nonsense. Adopting Sir name of your maternal grand father(Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto), doesn't make you great. A cheap attempt to cash on the legacy, instead of performance.

As far as feminine looks are concerned, I would like you to decide for yourself...


The good thing is that you don't need to make jokes from your own to taunt this guys, because he does that job himself pretty well. The most funniest thing this Oxford graduate said, was during last monsoons. Out of no where he turned out to be the Einstein and explained the rain phenomenon. See what great Bilawal says about rain:

"Jab Barish aata hai, to Panni aata hai. Jab Ziyada Barish aata hai, to ziyada pani aata hai."

Translation (When rain comes, water comes. When more rain comes, more water comes.)

Well, thanks Bilawal for explaining to us poor lot, about how rain works. We were living in complete ignorance for centuries and he enlightened us. And yeah that is exactly the very reason for the poor urban drainage in the biggest city in the Pakistan(city he administer, by the way). Hail Our Savior!!!

I was planning a masters from Oxford, but after listing to Bilawal, I changed my mind. I would rather be a non-graduate. BTW, What happened to The Oxford? Either Bilawal was a real bad student or the college standards must have had fell, pretty badly.


Wao...It was fun and relieving to write about some political shit happening around you. I didn't realized it till, I completed this post. So thanks to @bdcommunity again, for allowing me vent my frustration. And I also apologize to anybody, whose feelings were hurt, cause that was not my intention. I just wrote what I feel. No hard feelings.

PS: I invite @cornavirus to be a part of this amazing contest.

Peace :)


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Heheh Xabi, When More, more and more, more rain comes then :D ?

Nice post, Good luck for the contest

Thanks @shrazi

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