Hives Gone Down the Drainage🚿🚽😂

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So, latter this morning I was having a bath. I was just standing under the shower, with my eyes closed, gently rubbing the soap on my back. I have always enjoyed the ticklish feeling of water droplet falling on my body, rubbing and washing away all the exhaustion and tiredness. (wait, if you are gearing up for an erotic story, you would be disappointed😜).

Suddenly, the soap bar slipped from my hand and went straight into the commode hole. And the first words that came out my mouth were, "Damn, there go my 12 Hives down the drain". (The soap bar I use, costs around 2$). And that felt like loosing Hives to an unknown account, never to be retrieved again. 😂

Ever since I got sucked into crypto world, I completely shut the door on the fiats(as much I could). Although, I do hold a decent stash of paper money for the daily dealings, but I keep all my long term savings in the form of physical assets, precious metals or cryptocurrency. To me being a true crypto believer means, setting up crypto as default currency on your financial calculator(Volatility be dammed).

The funny thing about the whole soap slipping event was not me being so immersed under the shower that the soap bar slipped out of my hands and ended up down in the drainage hole, but the fact that crypto have started showing up in reflex talks. Five years ago, the same me would have had the same reflex talk but only in terms of dollars. But now it's all crypto.

Does that makes me, a crypto junkie???

You decide...


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