One Day

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One day, I'll speak to every tear that ran down this cheek and ask "hope you are proud of whom you've made?
Even though, all you tried to do was break.
One day I'll gather them all, every bit right from the day I was made.
And together we will all laugh and celebrate.

One day we will speak to everyday we had no one to listen to our complains
Days our stomach rumbled in the rain,
Days when garri without its friend groundnut would try to save the day,
Hope you are proud of the man you've made?

One day we will call all the sleepless nights to a round table,
All the nights that gave us red eyes,
those that gave us headaches when day breaks
Sleepless nights that end up as useless nights.
Hope you are proud of the man you've made

At the end of the day, we will all eat and celebrate that day,
Yes, eat those foods that would always shy away,
While we discuss with all the "101, 001, 100" 110s"
Hope you are proud of the man you've made.

That day, we will speak to every "you have failed" that gave us heartbreak.
Every sweat that got us wet,
Every scar that turned war paint,
Hope you are proud of the man you've made

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written by: @apeximomen
edited by: @udezee


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Thx guys

Thanks for sharing man. That one day is not faraway. Cheers!

Thanks for stopping by and yes it isn't.

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Thx guys