My Journey To Hades

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It always starts with a decision,
An agreement to have a divorce with life,
I didn't need much persuasion,
I couldn't wait to have a taste of the afterlife.

All that was left was how I would go,
I decided a shot in the head,
For regret wasn't a pain I wanted to know,
I took my chance while I laid on my bed.

I fell into a vision,
I was standing in front of the largest gate I had ever seen,
All around me were thousands of people with many sharing a look of confusion,
But I knew where I was, this was the realm of all things unclean.

Just as I made my first step on the red stairway,
I felt myself being pulled back,
Then all at once, it all turned black,
I opened my eyes and found myself on an hospital bed,
I must be cursed with life,
As Even Hades didn't want me dead.

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very vivid and intense piece. Nice one

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Thanks for reading bro.

Beautiful poetry bro.. How about you shoot yourself again.. I'm sure Hades will welcome you this time. 😄

No I won't bro
🏃 🏃