Found But Lost

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After a short absence from writing and visiting the url. I revisit this beautiful place once again with one of my artistic piece. Do read below and I hope it finds you well. Happy Sunday.


Down on the ocean floor
A little mermaid wanted to play
Always wanted more
Always wanted her way.


As she was swimming
She saw something shiny
She started beaming
It was so sparkly


It was a pretty comb
She really liked it
She decided to take it home
When it caught the light it lit


She put it on her head
And went on her way
She didn't care what anyone said
But weirdly everyone and thing obeyed her that day


She thought she had powers
So she swam to tell her friends
But when she passed the towers
The fun came to an end


As she swam fast
The comb fell and was gone
She realized at last
That was the end of her fun.

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